Ain’t No Party Like The Retrumplican Party

The national Democratic Party released a video Thursday linking Donald Trump's comments about undocumented immigrants to the entire Republican Party. The video, entitled "Retrumplican Party," shows clips of Trump talking about immigration, followed by clips of other 2016 GOP presidential candidates like Jeb Bush, Rick Perry, and Chris Christie. For example, one clip from the video shows Trump saying that he will "immediately terminate President Obama's illegal executive action on immigration." This clip is followed by a sequence in which other Republican candidates — several of whom have actually described Trump's racist comments as inappropriate — express similar positions on immigration.

The main point of the video shows up toward the end: "Trump may be running for president, but his ideas are running the party." Trump has been making headlines for weeks because of his comments — and because major corporations like NBC and Macy's have been severing business ties with him — but he is a celebrity non-politician who is good at getting attention. However strange the Retrumplican Party video may be, it does shed light on the fact that many Republican candidates share Trump's views on immigration and other key issues, even if they don't feel the need to be nearly as provocative as Trump is.

Following the video's release, #RetrumplicanParty trended on Twitter in the U.S. for a brief period of time, and the following tweets do a hilarious job making light of the situation.

What a time to be a alive. From Mean Girls references to some sassy wordplay, the birth of the #RetrumplicanParty hashtag has been a wild ride. Strangely enough, a new national GOP primary poll puts Trump at first place, but that isn't saying much considering all of the top GOP contenders have polled at Trump's current 15 percent at one point or another.