You Have To See J. Law In Middle School

And now, for your daily dose of Jennifer Lawrence-has-always-been-delightful-and-adorable news: Thanks to a user on Reddit, the world now has proof that Jennifer Lawrence has, in fact, always been delightful and adorable, in the form of a photo of Jennifer Lawrence in middle school.

The image was posted by user miloblue12, who captioned it, "Jennifer Lawrence went to my middle school. She hasn't changed much since." In the comments, miloblue12 specified that Lawrence was "witty as hell" in school. "She's real. She is human, one that apparently eats food and admits it, one that freaks out when she sees someone famous, trips going upstairs and witty as hell," she wrote.

Lawrence, who attended school in Kentucky, has previously commented on the struggles she faced in regards to bullying while growing up. From Perez Hilton :

Her bullying even got to the point where one of the popular chicks at her middle school gave Jennifer birthday invitations and told her to hand 'em out, but never invited her to the party. And because any normal pre-teen girl would burst into tears, the actress did the complete opposite and said "that was fine" and admitted that she "just hocked a loogie on them and threw them in the trash can.”

Yep — J.Law offically wins at life.

Image: Reddit