Harry Styles Falls Onstage, Becomes A Meme

Listen closely. That faint sound you hear (like little fairy bells ringing in the distance)? That's Taylor Swift laughing her short-shorts off because Harry Styles fell in spectacular fashion while on stage in San Diego, leaving no shortage of Harry Styles falling memes for your viewing pleasure. I realize I'm far too old to laugh at the sight of someone falling down. I fall. We all fall. But the way Styles fell? His was a classic, award-winning fall — the kind you'll remember 30 years from now when you're sitting around a campfire telling your children about the old days and why you divorced Harry Styles for their dad.

Obviously, fans reacted on Twitter the only way fans on social media know how to react: in a gloriously exaggerated manner that involves inventing innovative new hashtags — in this case, #OhNoHarry — and pretending to work while, in fact, devoting all morning to the creation of amazing memes that will now require you to stop working because they're too hilarious to not check out.

The now legendary tumble took place Thursday night while Styles was performing with One Direction at their "On the Road Again" tour opener at Qualcomm Stadium, reports Billboard. It should be noted that this was the group's first North American concert since Zayn Malik's departure from 1D, which naturally means he cast an evil spell on Styles. Or was their good luck charm. Maybe both.

The epic fall:

And proof that there's no worse time in history to be a gorgeous, famous, wealthy celebrity.

Wondering how Niall reacted? Wonder no more:

What a trip. Sorry, Harry, couldn't help myself.