Harry Styles Talks One Direction Without Zayn

Trust Harry Styles to tell it like it is. Not only is the One Direction singer full of life lessons, but he's totally honest about what the band is like since Zayn Malik quit. Directioners, breathe easy — it sounds like we have nothing to worry about it! In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Styles talked One Direction without Malik, and revealed that the band's recent concerts have been "incredible." According to him, the biggest change has been "... that the parts Zayn sang have been picked up by different people. Other than that, the shows have been going absolutely great," he promised.

Styles also explained that the rest of the band stepped in to cover for Malik's vocals during shows. He gave a special shoutout to Liam Payne, who sings Malik's lines in one of the group's biggest hits, "Story of My Life," too: "It would be pretty devastating if we took that song out," Styles says. "Liam [Payne] stepped up to do the high notes. He kicks them in the bollocks every show. He doesn’t hold back."

Some fans are still coming to terms with a Malik-less One Direction, and that's understandable. However, audiences can rest easy knowing one thing hasn't changed with the band: the choreography! "I feel like you want me to say yes, but no! We don’t really do much choreography anyway. We kind of just stand on stage. We’re still doing that!" Styles promised.

Though the choreography may have stayed the same, a Malik-less One Direction has still changed the band a little. Here's seven things that are different since Malik left One Direction:

One Direction's Fragrance Commercial

Each member of the band contributed a key ingredient to the Between Us perfume. Unfortunately, that meant only four critical components. (Perhaps that's the real reason for Niall Horan's tear?)

Acceptance Speeches

1D attended the 2015 Billboard Music Awards as a foursome, but Malik still got a sweet shoutout.

Red Carpet Photos


Just because Malik isn't here doesn't mean I don't miss him.

A Few Added Tensions

Sadly, there was a bit of a hiccup involving Malik and Louis Tomlinson's very public Twitter feud — but hopefully the boys are back to being cool with one another.

Harry Styles' Thigh

Specifically, its new tattoo.

Malik's Hair

Who can forget when Malik shaved his head and dyed the buzz cut blond? That definitely wasn't something seen during the time of One Direction.

Upcoming Music

One Direction is working on their fifth studio album — will it be the same without Malik's smoky vocals?

Images: Getty Images (1); Giphy (2); Zayn Malik/Instagram