Vanessa Hudgens Transforms Into Homeless Teen

Looks like Vanessa Hudgens has entered the stage in her career when she earns her membership card for the club of actors who've dramatically altered their appearance for a role. She may not have lost or gained 50 pounds (which is probably good for her health) but she does look quite different. That's because her upcoming film, Gimme Shelter, focuses on Vanessa Hudgens as a homeless teenager. And she looks it.

"Don't make your child suffer because you're suffering," James Earl Jones' character says in the trailer. Hudgens' character's mother — played by Rosario Dawson — has obviously never heard or heeded this advice, and so Hudgens makes a break for it.

Written and directed by Ronald Kraus, Gimme Shelter follows Apple (Hudgens) as, according to IMDb, "s teenager [who] sets out to find her Wall Street father and is forced into the streets in a desperate journey of survival." Like a staggering number of films these days, it is based on a true story. It's also got Brendan Fraser (where has he been??!) as her previously absent father, and what looks from the trailer to be a big performance from Hudgens.

Image: Maysles Films