Why Austin Is The Real Threat on ‘BB17’

I know it’s too early to predict a winner, but I don’t care. I’m calling it: I think Austin is going to win Big Brother 17. I know it’s not what a lot of people are guessing for the end of this game. It’s certainly not what I was thinking in the first few episodes. When I first saw that headshot of hotshot Austin, the professional wrestler, I was definitely skeptical. I didn’t know why his hair was so long and why he wasn’t wearing a shirt and what any of his tattoos meant. And then when Austin made his first alliance with Jace? I totally blew the guy off as a clueless bro. Well, shame on me for judging a book by its cover, because in the past few episodes, it’s becoming increasingly clear that Austin is a real threat in the Big Brother house, one that the other houseguests should take way more seriously than they are.

There are a number of reasons for this, but there are a few big ones that are worth unpacking. Like how he convinced Shelli to not put Liz up for eviction with a single conversation. Are you kidding me? He just went in there, dropped a little lie, and completely manipulated the Head of Household to vote in his favor. That was one of the most masterful moves a houseguest has made all season! That gamechanger definitely had me sitting up straight and paying more attention to the guy.

Then when he talked in the diary room about the relationship he had formed with Liz, I was all like, “What? What relationship?” That is some sneaky shit that Austin was able to pull. There are cameras everywhere in the house, and yet he was able to form such a close relationship with Liz that he was willing to stick his neck out there for her for the first time in the game? All without us realizing it? That just goes to show how close to the chest this guy is holding his cards. So many players are vocal about making and breaking alliances, but Austin has formed a few in the house that are so tight that he’s willing to risk his standing for them. That alone shows some serious gamesmanship, if you ask me.

And then there is the fact that he has aligned himself with Vanessa, one of the strongest players in the house, if you ask me. With all of that game theory and poker face-ing she does in real life, you know she’s a slick player to have on your side.

Mark my words. There is an underground alliance forming between these quieter players. I wouldn’t be surprised if there is a sudden flip in power and these guys totally take over. If there is, you can count on Austin being the mastermind behind it all.

Image: CBS (3); Giphy