How Trustworthy Are the 'BB17' Houseguests?

The one thing that you can count on in the Big Brother house? You can’t trust anyone. With everyone playing the game for themselves with a ton of ulterior motives, its basically a fat of life in this series. However, somehow, forming relationships and building alliances are a big part of how houseguests succeed at the game. It’s the one part of Big Brother that totally fascinates me: Each houseguest can’t be trusted, and yet, they have to establish as least some level of trust in order to be successful. What a conundrum! That’s why sitting back and trying to gauge where people’s trustworthiness in the house really lies is super important in the house. So that’s what I’ve been spending a lot of this season doing: trying to figure out who among the Big Brother houseguests are trustworthy and who among them shouldn’t be trusted at all.

Luckily for their housemates, it’s a spectrum. Some of them don’t seem to have a loyal bone in their body, while others appear to maybe be a little too loyal for their own good. But, before you lose all faith in humanity, know that most of the housemates lie somewhere in between.

So let’s take a look at which houseguests have come off as the most trustworthy so far during Season 17. In this game, the list could change on a daily basis — but there are definitely a few who seem to be more pure of heart than others. Here they are, all ranked from least trustworthy to most trustworthy:

16. Da’Vonne

Da’Vonne said all along she was here for herself and her daughter, and she was very vocal about it. Obviously everyone is there to win, but when you make it that obvious, you’re bound to not earn people’s trust.

15. James

He voted to evict Da’Vonne, even though they were in an alliance from the beginning. He keeps to himself for the most part, but I think he’s just as untrustworthy as Da’Vonne — just way less vocal about it.

14. Audrey

She’s a loose cannon, if you ask me. Turning a power alliance into an almost all-house alliance in the middle of the night? I can't trust a thing she says or does ever since that memorable moment.

13. Steve

I know. I thought Steve would be lower down on the list, too. But the fact that he keeps mostly to himself and is reluctant to join any alliances definitely makes this guy way less sweet than he seems.

12. Clay

I wouldn’t trust this kid as far as I could throw him. (And muscle weighs way more than fat, so I probably couldn’t throw him far.)

11. Shelli

I bet she’d sell her mother to be Head of Household for the rest of the season — especially if it means alone time with Clay. Plus, she totally went back on her deal with Becky to backdoor Audrey. We’ll see what sort of fallout comes from that soon, I’m sure.

10. Jeff

OK, Jeff doesn’t threaten me as a player. I think he’s probably fairly trustworthy when it comes to the game. BUT — the fact that he has been macking on every girl in the house makes me think he's more creeper than game-player extraordinaire.

9. Austin

During the beginning of Shell Town, Austin admitted his friendship with Jace was just a cover. And while I like that he tries to save Liz because she’s the only one he feels like he can trust, he tells a flat out lie to Shelli to get Liz off the chopping block. My feeling with this guy is that, if he thinks he can trust you, he’ll have your back. But if he thinks he can’t, he won’t hesitate to turn his back on you.

8. Vanessa

I put her on the same level of game play as I do Steve: Way too smart to attach herself too strongly to any one player. I kind of want to trust her, but she could definitely surprise me.

7. Jackie

She seems totally harmless to me — so much so that I'm still not sure what her game plan even is in this house. Staying under the radar, maybe? If so, she’s succeeding.

6. Jason

If you’re in his alliance, he’ll have your back. Case-in-point: Jason refused to vote to evict Da’Vonne even though it might seriously have helped his game. What a guy!

5. Jace

Poor, sweet, annoying Jace. Voted out first, he seemed to trust that James had his back, even though James was clearly forming a much stronger alliance with Jason, Audrey, and Da’Vonne. Something tells me he would have stayed true to Austin until the end... if he hadn’t been kicked out.

4. John

I think John is pretty up front about most things, like how he refused to not use the veto on himself even though Shelli and Clay wanted him to. Sure, he helped them out in order to help himself out, but he was honest with them when he wasn’t into being used as their pawn. You gotta respect that.

3. Liz

OK, so she said she would have Da’Vonne’s back at the second eviction vote and then didn’t...but who could blame her? Da’Vonne was going to town with that twin twist rumor/Julia thing, and had already proven herself to be one of the least trustworthy housemates this season. Plus, Liz is forming a nice little undercover alliance with Austin and maybe even Vanessa. I’m totally digging it.

2. Becky

I think she’s just as sweet as Meg, but a little too awkward for her own good. Still, this one wouldn’t hurt a fly. How could she when she says things like that comment she made after being Head of Household: She was happy that she made friends while she was there, because that’s really what she wanted. Adorable.

1. Meg

This sweet little angel cried when Da’Vonne was nominated for eviction. She legit cried. I don’t think that girl has a deceptive bone in her body.

But hey — who’s to say for sure? Even my best guess could wind up meaning nothing in the end. Maybe Clay’s just using Shelli for an alliancel; maybe Meg’s just pretending to care about everybody so that everyone likes her; maybe Austin seems like an outsider but is really forming alliances while the cameras are distracted by other drama. WHO KNOWS. Stay tuned to see how this ranking shifts as the season goes on.

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