5 Style Lesson From The Women's National Team

The althleisure look has taken the fashion world by storm, and if there's anyone who's guaranteed to have mastered the trend, it's a team of world champions. As if their victory over Japan wasn't enough, the ladies of the Women's National Soccer Team were welcomed home by Taylor Swift during one of her concerts, and they looked absolutely flawless on stage. Swift has had a number of celebrities join her on the 1989 World Tour, but not even Gigi Hadid could compare to this stylish welcome home.

The team join Swift on stage in the middle of her performance of 'Style', which definitely was no coincidence. They hit the stage wearing their jerseys, but they definitely didn't skimp when it came to personal style, each styling the team shirt differently. From leather skirts to distressed jeans and ankle boots to strappy sandals, the Women's National Team brought their best looks to the stage and fit right in with the singer.

Their best accessory may have been their World Cup trophy, which they brought with them, but their outfits came in a close second. Showing that the athleisure isn't going out of style anytime soon (see what I did there), the demonstrated to the world that they have just as much fashion sense as they do talent.

Here are a few style lessons we can learn from these incredible, athletic women.

1. Stand-out sunnies are a must have

The team had a New York parade in their honor, and they brought their most stylish shades with them.

2. There's always time for a manicure

Even when playing in the World Cup finals, the women had time to get patriotic manicures.

3. Natural looks good for any occasion

The team took Good Morning America looking fresh faced and fabulous.

4. Converse can be paired with anything

Carli Lloyd hit the morning talk show in a classic athleisure look.

5. A smile is always the best accessory

More stylish than anything else are the smiles and positivity that the team brings to every event.

Image: taylorswift/Instagram