'Castle' Shops for Baby Stuff

After the intense maybe-return of 3XK, I'd hoped this week's Castle would be adorable and delightful. The universe listened: Castle holds a baby during Monday night's ep. Did anything else happen? I honestly can't remember because "Castle holds a baby" happens, and that's the only thing my brain can retain. Let me check my notes. Okay. Here's the case in 10 words or less: Dead man, priest, mystery baby, limo driver, lottery tickets. Enough about that. Let's talk about THE BABY!

A man wanders into a church, hands a baby to the priest, and then keels over. The painfully cute, mystery baby becomes a part of the Beckett-Castle family for an episode. Castle says he has an RHD in child care. "RHD" stands for — brace yourselves — "Ruggedly Handsome Dad." AUGHHHH. Castle goes shopping for baby supplies. We only see a few of the items from his haul, but I want to see everything he purchased. I want to see the shopping montage. He bought turkey onesie, we know that much. And that turkey onesie is all I need to know that Castle is better at baby supply shopping than any other human on the planet.

Castle and Beckett play pretend mom and dad to Cosmo/Benny until the case is solved/the real parents are found. Castle takes to the little guy immediately, but Beckett does not. We learn that Beckett doesn't fancy herself a baby person, but she thinks she'll feel differently when she has kids of her own. When Castle and Beckett bring Cosmo/Benny home for an evening, it's chaos, but it's cute chaos. Even the suspenseful changing of the diaper is cute. And would you look at that? Beckett catches Castle's baby fever. ARE THEY GOING TO HAVE A BABY SOON? DOES THAT MEAN "CASTLE HOLDS A BABY" WILL HAPPEN EVERY EPISODE?!

Have you moved on from "turkey onesie" yet? Me neither. Speaking of turkey onesies, Castle tells Beckett that his family dresses up for Thanksgiving. And not in their "Sunday best." He means costumes. Like, full-on costumes. He says he will dress up like John Rolfe. He tells her to wear a Pocahontas costume. He did NOT, I think to myself. He DID, I think-respond to myself. Beckett may be reluctant, but she's a good sport/loves her fiancé, so she rolls up to Castle Thanksgiving in a Pocahontas costume. No one else is in a costume. Castle was kidding about the Castle Family Thanksgiving Costume Tradition. Of course he was. Castle is a menace.

If I was Beckett, my head would spin around and I'd conjure thunder and lightning inside of the apartment. That would be the extent of my rage. I like costumes, but I will not wear a costume unless it is absolutely mandatory. But I am not Beckett and Beckett is not me, so Beckett goes about the day without any rage-lightning. She even has a pilgrim costume ready for Castle. Because she probably knew it was a joke all along. Because Beckett is a perfect genius.

Image: ABC/Ron Tom