Watch Little Kids Drop F-Bombs

We all like to think of kids as these angelic little creatures with their whole lives ahead of them and their eyes full of wonder, so it's especially funny when kids break the rules. Which is why this video compilation of little kids swearing is hilarious, but also horrible at the same time. Full disclosure, the video is actually an ad for a Smart car—the tagline is, "When you drive the wrong car, you teach the wrong words"—but that doesn't make these children dropping F-bombs any less entertaining to watch.

I would also like to point out that if years of driving in Atlanta have taught me anything, it's that driving the wrong car definitely doesn't make you want to scream curse words—other drivers do. If this was an advertisement for Driver's Ed, I would 100% be on board (because everyone is a horrible driver but me, obviously). But I suppose that's neither here nor there.

I'm not sure if the commercial is a compilation of real videos of kids actually cursing, or the people behind the video just got a bunch of children and directed them to yell some bad words on camera, but either way I'm sure they got their mouths washed out with soap afterwards. Check it out below.

Because I can't get enough of kids doing bad things, I scoured Reddit to find what real Reddit users did to break the rules. Here are some of my favorite responses:

That's kind of sweet, though.

What a badass.

Pretty sure this happened to me too :(

This is amazing.

Okay, come on. That's pretty funny.

Images: David Salafia / Flickr; candersar, ruckygirl, RedPersik, aclurk, ohfoshodo / Reddit