7 Summer Styles To Snag From Alyssa Miller

by Kali Borovic

I'm a firm believer that fashion ruts are real — once you find a style that you're in love with, it can be hard to move on to something new. But thankfully Alyssa Miller's summer style is unique and easy to copy. Just one glance at the model's Instagram, and you'll be inspired to try something new.

From unusual accessories to modern outfits, this model knows a thing or two about great style. She's always willing to take a risk and manages to stay true to herself even when trying out a new trend. And the star amped up her fun and flirty style just in time for the dog days of summer, according to her social media presence. With breezy dresses, beach-inspired accessories, and stand out sunnies, there's no better time to embrace the model's fabulous style than while the weather is warm.

Miller's bohemian style mixed with her stand out prints and accessories are perfect for any summer day. Take inspiration from her looks, whether you're hitting the pool, going out for a night on the town with friends, or just hanging around the house. Don't be afraid to jump right in and steal some style cues from the model. A little style experimentation never hurt anyone!

1. Quirky sunnies

How stinkin' adorable are these?! Everyone should have at least one pair of quirky sunnies.

2. Ankle accessories

If you thought ankle bracelets were a thing of the past, think again. The accessory is perfect for channeling your inner bohemian princess.

3. Dress & loafer combo

Although the natural instinct is to wear a sundress with sandals, you can mix it up by going the loafer or bootie route.

4. Neck scarf

Who says you can't do some light layers even when it's hot outside?

5. Stand-out top

While others are sticking to crop tops, try standing out in an ultra sexy lace-up body suit.

6. Denim jumpsuit

Head-to-toe denim is popular right now, so why not take it a step further with an all-denim jumpsuit?

7. Oversized fedora

I'm not saying you have to go topless to do it, but try out a new hat style that can can instantly elevate an outfit — for the beach and beyond.