Kylie & Kendall Jenner Wear Similar Crop Tops

by Teresa Newsome

The Jenner sisters stepped out Friday afternoon for some sisterly tummy time in similar but characteristically different outfits. Kendall and Kylie Jenner wore matching midriff baring looks that caught the attention of paps everywhere as the two jaunted (because when you're a Kardashian, you never simply go anywhere) to Mauro's Cafe in West Hollywood for lunch, where they obviously talked about how fabulous they looked and plotted world domination.

While they're not twinsies (they're 2 years apart) you could have fooled me as the Jenner sisters' presumably-coordinated looks speak to some kind of super-human genetic fashion bond.

KenJen wore shimmery wide-legged trousers with a thick, high waistband and super big pleats. She paired it with a loose-fitting, pink v-neck crop top that looks as effortless as a hoodie while still screaming "high fashion."

Kylie chose a more form fitting look in her suede high-waisted flare pants with a cropped halter made from the same rich, brown suede. So different yet so similar, like the ladies themselves. The only thing that could make this outfit better for me is if Kylie was wearing a matching suede fanny pack... but maybe that's just me.

The similarities continued with over-sized aviators and fur key chains.

Kendall's hair, pulled back into a high ponytail, looks classic and timeless, while Kylie's blue mermaid hair steals the spotlight. And can we talk for a minute about how her ice blue nails perfect match her locks? Ummmm, yes please.

Want to add some similar pieces to your closet? Check these out, and maybe also buy a suede fanny pack... (a girl can dream, can't she?)

1. Kylie's brown suede halter

Even if you don't pair it with matching suede pants, you'll still look fierce. And so will your midsection. That's all that matters, right?

(Magdalan Faux Suede Cut Out Top Khaki, Missguided, $30)

2. Kendall's wide-legged pink pants

These flowing pink pants don't have the same large pleats as Kendall's, but they have a secret weapon to add a dash of drama: scandalously high side slits.

(Side Split Palazzo Pants, Daily Look, $17.95)

3. Fun fur keychain

Who says high-fashion can't also be whimsical? These furry accessories keep some very serious fashion looking young and fun.

(White fur keychain, Furkeychains, $34.99)

Images: Courtesy Brands