The Crying Cat is Out, Twerking Is Back In

Are we even surprised when Miley twerks anymore? Not unless you're a member of the Parents Television Council, or something. At this point, when Miley Cyrus twerks and sings about twerking, it's just about as normal as the sky being blue, or the grass being green: It would kind of be weird if she didn't. Like this past weekend when she performed at the American Music Awards, and instead of twerking like we all thought she would, she just sang while a picture of a crying kitten lip-synced behind her — everyone was thrown off by that, and rightfully so! Twerking with a little person, though? Lighting up a blunt on stage while accepting an award because Amsterdam, man? She's just bein' Miley. So it's a good thing in this new video for will.i.am's "Feelin' Myself," Miley Cyrus stuck to her whole schtick of twerking and singing about partying hard at "the club" — it's much too early to be confused by sobbing virtual cats.

The video (and the lyrics) is fairly simplistic, really: In it, Cyrus and will.i.am sing about being "the shit" when they go out to "the club," wherever that is, and will.i.am boasts about getting "IQ" from the ladies because apparently "that means she give me head." OK. French Montana and Wiz Khalifa have verses too, in which they discuss similar experiences at said "club." At one point, Cyrus does twerk, just as promised.

You can check it all out and more for yourself by hitting the video below.

Image: WilliamVevo/YouTube