'Bachelorette's Britt & Brady Are Having a Blast

Britt Nilsson may have missed out on being this season's The Bachelorette, but perhaps she gained a soulmate? Since losing the Bachelorette title to Kaitlyn, Britt has been seeing Brady Toops, who had been smitten with her since they met. But, what are Britt and Brady up to now? The Bachelorette recently aired an update where the couple agreed to try a long-distance relationship — Brady lives in Nasvhille and Britt lives in LA. So, since deciding that, how have the two been doing? The rumor mill is saying that Britt and Brady have broken up, but at least social media is showing that they're both having a great time since departing the show.

I took a peek at Britt's Instagram and it looks like this lady is having a blast hanging out with friends, doing One Direction puzzles, taking artsy photos of the freeway, and wearing cotton candy hats. Brady's IG shows equally fun times. He's been celebrating '70s-style birthdays, making lists, singing to the camera, performing in Georgia — and he actually posted a photo of him eating a cronut in Los Angeles a few days ago. Was he in the City of Angeles to see Miss Britt? Was she there for the cronut action? I guess we'll have to wait to find out from them.

Here's what else the couple has been up to since The Bachelorette.

Brady Ate A Cronut In LA

Here is the suspicious cronut. Brady was in Venice on the famous Abbot Kinney Boulevard, but it looks like he was with his friend Tyler Ward (who posted the same photo to his IG) rather than Britt. Or maybe she was there, too. Either way, in the caption, it sounds like Brady was having a fun time in LA and really living in the moment.

Britt Took This Artsy Photo Of The Freeway

The saying is "no one walks in LA," but, here, Britt proves it wrong. She took this snap, as she says in the caption, on the way home from buying groceries.

Brady Watched The Bachelorette

Naturally, Brady's been plugging the show, but two weeks ago he posted this photo with a caption that makes it sound like he's moved over to Team Kaitlyn? Say it isn't so, Brady.

Britt Hung Out With Kaitlyn

No bad blood here. At least not on Instagram.

Brady Performed in Dectaur, Georgia

Brady did a concert for a good cause on July 1, benefiting Amplify Decatur, which works to eliminate homelessness.

Britt Wore A Cotton Candy As A Hat

You do you, girl.

The pattern here? There haven't been photos of the two with each other posted in weeks. Hmm...

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Image: Screengrab/ABC