Britt & Brady's 'Bachelorette' Love Is Eternal

Sure, rumors are swirling that the relationship between almost Bachelorette Britt Nilsson and her love Brady Toops — who left the show to be with her — is on the rocks, but we don't know for sure yet. Nothing's been confirmed right now, and I really have to believe that these two will go the distance. After all, there have been so many moments on The Bachelorette where you can tell Britt and Brady were meant for each other.

Right off the bat, Brady told the audience that he was definitely coming onto The Bachelorette to find love — and he hoped it would be with Britt. Once the contestants chose Kaitlyn Bristowe and cast aside poor Britt, Brady took it upon himself to remove himself from the game. Instead, he went for the woman he originally wanted to compete for — and won her heart. In previous Bachelorette updates, Britt and Brady have revealed that they're seriously dating, and that they're pursuing a long-distance relationship from Los Angeles (where she lives) and Nashville (where he lives). Wouldn't it be wonderful it if worked out for these two? We've certainly seen enough signs on the show that these two lovebirds are perfect for one another.

1. When He First Talked About Britt

He praised her charisma and called her beautiful. Aww!

2. Their First Meeting

Not only did Brady greet Britt first, but she told him that he smells "really, really good" after their hug. He told her that he thinks she's beautiful on the outside and inside. Adorbs.

3. When They Bonded Over Faith

Britt's faith is very important to her, and it was crucial for her to know if Brady was the same way. The singer-songwriter told her yes and he actually writes spiritual music. Win!

4. When Brady Got Emotional Over Britt's Departure

Brady admitted to having a lot of ~feelings~ about Britt not getting picked to be The Bachelorette. "I felt more emotions in the past 24 hours than I could have ever imagined, and I don't really know what to do with those emotions," he said on the show. Luckily, he used them for good.

5. When Britt & Brady Hugged In Her Hotel Room

Britt was taking the rejection from the show pretty hard, but Brady showed up at the right time to console her, as well as express his romantic intentions.

6. When They DTR'd

When Brady asked Britt to be "his girl," she happily said yes. And, here's hoping the bliss is still going strong.

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Images: Rick Rowell/ABC; Mallory Carra/Bustle (2)