Bitcoin Friday Is The New Black Friday

Turns out the shopping holiday known as Black Friday isn't for everyone. It is, after all, only for those Americans who still use traditional dollar currency. But if you're a Bitcoin user, meaning that you buy and spend with the decentralized, peer-to-peer currency, you're in luck: Bitcoin is hosting Bitcoin Friday to replace Black Friday this year. You'll get deals from participating online retailers (albeit only a handful of them, since Bitcoin is only a thing between those who believe in its value) when you purchase anything from domain names to Christmas-stocking fillers using the Bitcoin currency.

The Bitcoin community held its first "Bitcoin Friday" event last year, but the whole thing flew under the radar because Bitcoin, then still in the clutches of Web black-market Silk Road, was equated with, well, drugs and criminal behavior generally. Now, the pseudo-currency is flying free and going from strength to strength: even congress has met to discuss how they'll deal with Bitcoin and so-called "cryptocurrencies" in the future, given the growing impact of Bitcoin.

Speaking of technology taking over the world. Google CEO Eric Schmidt has written a very "in your face!" Google+ post in response to recent stats that Android owns 80 percent of the global smartphone market. In response to many people who'd (apparently) asked him how to make the switch from Apple to Android products, he wrote a step-by-step guide to dumping your iPhone. And then, presumably, basked in it. Modesty is not Eric Schmidt's thing.

A new study indicates that one's creativity hits its peak of inspiration at roughly the two-thirds mark of life. So, about early forties. We can't even imagine what Beyoncé's going to be coming up with them. At present, you can find clips of her best work at the frankly inspired

Martha Stewart has promised even more of those gross food photos.

Finally, BuzzFeed picked a slightly absurd way to mark the holidays, but we laughed anyway.