The Ruby Slippers From 'The Wizard Of Oz' Are Still Stolen But One Fan's Willing To Pay $1 Million To Get Them Back

It's been 10 whole years since a pair of The Wizard of Oz 's ruby red slippers were stolen from the Judy Garland Museum in Minnesota, but someone has not given up hope that they will be discovered and returned. An anonymous backer has offered $1 million to anyone able to provide credible information on the whereabouts of the stolen slippers, including the location of the shoes and the name of the person who committed the crime. Whether or not anyone will actually come forward with the real information is anyone's guess (though it's likely that the backer and the museum will have to field thousands of calls from people who claim to have the information they're seeking), but $1 million might actually be too small an amount if the real information is revealed.

The executive director of the Judy Garland museum told The Associated Press that at the time of the theft, the ruby red slippers were insured for $1 million, but now the iconic footwear could be worth upwards of $2 to $3 million. Now, these aren't the only pair of Dorothy's ruby red slippers from the iconic film. There are still three other known pairs of the slippers in existence. One was found in a basement of MGM in the 1970s, the studio that made The Wizard of Oz, and was sold to an anonymous buyer for $15,000. That pair was then donated to the Smithsonian, where they still live today. Another pair was bought by the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts & Sciences in 2012 for their planned museum, and there is one other pair floating around out there as well, besides the one known to be stolen.

Still, no matter how many pairs there are, the stolen ones need to be returned to the museum. If you have any information about the stolen iconic slippers, please call the Grand Rapids Minnesota Police Department at (218) 326-3464. Everyone loves The Wizard of Oz, and the famous slippers should be allowed to go back to their rightful location. Because as we all know, there really is no place like home.

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