11 Ways To Layer During The Summer Even When Your Face Is Melting Off

I know that when one thinks of how to layer during the summer, you may have a moment where you stop and wonder whether you're a sadist. Who would want to put on heaps of clothes when the sun is bringing down its wrath? During a season in which we wish walking around in nothing but a bikini was socially acceptable and we live in paper thin pieces, it can seem impossible to step up our game sartorially.

It's hard to give a care over what you're wearing when it's so hot you can literally fry an egg on the sidewalk, but a few brave souls still want to look interesting and creative during these peek hot and sticky months.

The ones that venture outside of the usual summer dress or short shorts uniform seem to do it with a few strategic layers that — nope! — don't give the person wearing them heat stroke. To some of us, it seems like downright black magic, but if you’re part of the camp that would like to spruce up your summer wardrobe rotation, there are some summer layering tricks that you can add into your arsenal. Below are 11 ideas on how to layer during the rest of the summer — keeping cool guaranteed.

1. Pop A Plain Tee Underneath

Have a pinafore or a pair of overalls? Give them an easygoing, minimalist feel by popping a plain tee underneath. No fuss, but major appeal.

2. Give Your Bralette's Some Coverage

Are you planning on wearing a pretty bralette or a rib cage-skimming crop top but not really sure how to style it? Since there's so little material involved, you can afford to pop a layer on top of it without suffering heat stroke. Try matching it with a sophisticated blazer to contrast against the youthful top.

3. Say It With A Handkerchief

Some days are so hot that you swear you see little heat waves in the air as you walk down the street. For days like those, a girl isn't going to mess around with a whole lot of pieces. Add a fun little layer by tying a handkerchief around your neck, giving off a ladylike and eras-gone-by type of vibe.

4. Give Your Sleeveless Dresses Sleeves

Have a sleeveless dress? Introduce a touch of color or pattern by layering a top underneath, completely transforming the feel of the piece.

5. Airy Kimonos And Lightweight Cardis Are Your Friends

Stock up on lightweight kimonos and paper thin cardigans as a no-brainer layer on top of your crop tops and dresses alike. It offers you a chance to incorporate a new pattern or texture (fringe, anyone?) into the look, and it's extra fun to have the breeze catch the hem as you walk.

6. Summer Scarves Add A Pop Of Interest

Sometimes you just can't handle adding another extra thing to your body, no matter how light. For moments like this, add a fun summer scarf to your look to add a little more volume and color. Drape it loosely down your chest or wrap it closer to your neck — either way will look summery and fresh.

7. Look For A Statement Collar

If you can, invest in a sleeveless blouse with a statement collar — seriously, your life will completely change. You can layer it underneath dresses, other blouses, use it to add accents to sweaters — the possibilities are endless, and it always changes the feel of a piece.

8. Suspenders Are Your New BFFs

Want to add a quirky touch to your outfit? Rather than focusing on cardigans or things with sleeves, why don't you just accent your skirt or pants with a pair of suspenders? They'll instantly add a touch of cheek to your outfit, and will instantly transform the normal skirt + blouse combo.

9. Bring The Straps Back Out

Put the straps back into strapless by layering your bare-shouldered dress over a tee. If you choose a deep V-neck shirt then the neckline will be more sharp and sophisticated, and if you choose a cut closer to the throat you'll have a more girly, laid-back feel. Either way, this is a great way to bring some of those fancier strapless pieces into rotation!

10. Let Your Shoes Do The Work

Instead of focusing on how to layer up on top, drag the attention down to your shoes. Pick a pair of gladiator cage sandals and let them anchor down a short skirt or flirty mini. The extra weight at the feet will help drag the eye downward and balance out shorter summer hems.

11. Wrap It Around Your Waist

Want to give a dress some more oomph in terms of color or pattern? Try wrapping a chambray shirt or a cardigan around your waist to add that pop. You're not bogged down by extra stuffy layers but you still get to add new elements into your look.

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