Love Lessons From ‘The Bachelorette’s Shawn B.

It’s been an emotional ride for Bachelorette Kaitlyn Bristowe, but we are down to three guys and, personally, I think Kaitlyn has a deeper connection with Nick Viall and Shawn Booth than with Ben Higgins. Plus, I am rooting for Ben H. to become the next Bachelor. However, there’s something about the relationship between Shawn B. and Kaitlyn that is different from her relationship with Nick, and it certainly seems like it’s love. We can learn a lot about love from Shawn, the personal trainer from Connecticut. He has proved that he’s a good guy and that he’s “there for the right reasons.”

Last week, Kaitlyn finally confessed to Shawn that she had sex with Nick pre-Fantasy Suites. She didn’t tell everyone, but she felt that she needed to tell Shawn in order to move their relationship forward and keep things honest. I think that she absolutely did the right thing in the situation. In the end, Shawn decided that even though he was upset by the news, he wanted to stay and try to make things work between them because he’s an awesome dude.

Over this season, Shawn has continued to impress me with the way he handles relationships and everyone really needs to take note. Here are seven lessons about love we can all take away from Shawn Booth.

1. Always Be Honest

Even since the very beginning of this season, Shawn has been all about the honesty. They sat down on the couch at the mansion, and he was like already telling her he was falling for her — and nothing has changed since that moment. He’s always been upfront, which leads us to our next lesson…

2. It’s Important To Talk About How You Feel

Especially on a show like this, there’s really no time to hold back what you’re feeling because you never know when you are going to get a chance to be alone or talk again. Shawn even risked getting sent home to tell her about his strong feelings.

3. Respects Your Partner's Wishes

When Kaitlyn felt that things were moving too fast, she asked if they could slow down. For about a week he did what she asked and they took a step back, which only strengthened their relationship.

4. Kissing Can Tell A Lot

A kiss really can define where you are in your relationship. Kaitlyn and Shawn's first kiss after a week apart from each other brought back all the feelings they were missing and proved that they had a strong connection.

5. Sometimes You Just Need To Miss Someone

In a world where couples are in constant interaction, sometimes you need to miss someone to know what you mean to one another. As humans you have to let your relationship breathe and give each other a moment apart.

6. Trust Is The Most Important Quality

Shawn always brings up that trust is the most important quality for him when it comes to relationships and, besides honesty, I agree with him. Without trust a relationship will completely fall apart. Hopefully, because Kaitlyn was honest with him about Nick, he will continue to trust her.

7. Sometimes You Need To Walk Away For A Moment

After Kaitlyn told Shawn about Nick he took a moment and walked away to digest the information instead of quickly reacting to what she said. Sometimes you need to walk away and think before you blurt out something hurtful. It’s a very smart move.

Even if Shawn doesn't "win" or become the next Bachelor, as I see it, he's definitely left his legacy in the form of his relationship lessons.

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