The 'BB17' Men Need To Get Their Heads In The Game

I know it's easy for me to say this since I watch Big Brother from the comfort of my own home and also keep up with the intricacies of the game we don't see during the three installments of the show aired on CBS every week through what gets reported from the lived feeds online, but the men of this reality show really need to get it together. Austin and Jeff both said some really dumb things about the game during Sunday night's episode that anyone following along at home so far this season could have probably said the correct answer in a heartbeat. On second thought, maybe they should just continue this lack of focus and let the ladies continue to rule the house. I'd certainly be OK with that.

So what did Austin and Jeff do that were just so incredibly stupid? Vanessa broke the news to Austin that Liz has been playing with her twin and the two have been switching in and out of the game. When Vanessa told Austin this, he didn't even bat an eye, not because he already knew that Liz has been playing the game with her twin but because he didn't understand why it was a big deal. Vanessa literally had to explain step-by-step that if the other houseguests know that Liz is a twin, they will want to evict her, but if they work with her, she can be a vote that's a part of their alliance. For more on the gameplay from this season of Big Brother, check out Bustle's podcast The Diary Room below.

I was really disappointed in Austin here because I thought he was so much smarter than that. He made up that whole lie right before last week's Power of Veto ceremony to ensure that Shelli wouldn't put Liz up as a replacement nominee, after all. For shame, Judas. For shame.

OK, that was pretty bad, but Jeff's later comment was completely inexcusable for a Big Brother player to make. As he was speaking to a bunch of other houseguests, he didn't understand why they were all talking about Austin. Well, they were doing so because he is one of the Heads of Household for the week, of course. At first, it seemed like he just thought Vanessa was the HoH for the week and didn't realize that there were two and then seemed to intimate that James had snagged the second HoH spot. Either way, it showed that he was clearly not paying attention.

Austin and Jeff's mistakes were little comments that I don't see being too detrimental to their games in terms of causing people to nominate them or evict them down the line. But they do show a clear lack of awareness of what's going on in the Big Brother house that just serves to underscore the fact that the women of BB17 are clearly the stronger players in the house this season that are really thinking about the game.

Think about it. In terms of the male players in the house, Clay seems to be the only one who's actually playing the game and has some forethought. And sure, Austin seems to be there a bit as well, especially since earning a spot as one of the HoHs this week. But the rest seem to have found comfort in being floaters for the time being.

And I am completely OK with this. It's about time we have several female players in the Big Brother house that are playing the game for themselves, going for it with all they've got, and have their eyes on the prize. So just keep being asleep at the wheel, Austin and Jeff. The women of the Big Brother house will drive this thing home.

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