Woman Implants Permanent Twinkle In Her Eye. Seriously.

If the thought, "I wish my eyes twinkled all the time," has ever crossed your mind, then perhaps you'd entertain this (crazy) procedure Lucy Luckayanko recently underwent. This New York woman wanted to sparkle so badly that she decided to implant a heart-shaped twinkle permanently on her eyeball. (Yes, go ahead and read that sentence again, but it's not going to change.)

In case you didn't know, this procedure is actually a thing that's been done in Europe and Los Angeles for years. But Luckayanko is the first New York native to undergo the permanent bling implantation with what's called Safesight jewelry.

According to MyFoxNy, Luckayanko turned to Park Avenue Laser Vision's Dr. Chynn for the procedure. Chynn, obviously, was in full support of Luckayanko's request, saying permanent eye bling is "just another way to advance the science of ophthalmology."

But before we delve into how it was actually done, you're probably wondering why she wanted it in the first place. Luckayanko simply said, "I liked the idea from the beginning. I was like 'Yeah, why not?' It's really small, really tiny, really cute."

In order to embed the heart-shaped jewel into Luckayanko's eye, Dr. Chynn made a tiny incision into her eyeball to divide a pocket in between the sclera. Then, he placed the very thin piece of platinum that's designed for insertion on the top of the eye.

So, the next question you might have: Is this, um, okay? According to Dr. Chynn, it seems pretty safe. But if "seems pretty safe" isn't good enough for you, here's what American Academy of Opthalmology has to say about it. In a statement to MyFoxNY, they said there is not "sufficient evidence to support the safety or therapeutic value of this procedure." They are encouraging people to "avoid placing in the eye any foreign body or material that is not approved by the FDA."

If perhaps you're still interested in the "eye-opening" experience, it'll cost you $3,000, which Luckayanko thinks is totally worth it since "50 percent of [her] friends" are like "oh my god it's super cool."