Scott Walker's Son, Matt, On Scott In Jorts

by Jo Yurcaba

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker announced his candidacy for President Monday, making him the 15th Republican hopeful to enter the 2016 race. Given his contentious past on women's rights, financing for his campaigns, and employee unions, some people are less than thrilled about the announcement. Walker receives a lot of flack for his policy positions (as he should), but his personal life isn't often in the limelight. Walker has two sons, Matt and Alex, who told CNN's State of the Union that, though they haven't been the subject of public scrutiny themselves, their dad's political career does affect their lives. Walker's son Matt doesn't agree with him on a number of political issues, but he told CNN that he's close to his dad, despite their differences.

Matt told CNN that politics often divides families or brings them closer together. When he and his brother Alex started receiving death threats after their dad's election was almost recalled in 2012, he said they came together to support each other. Though they don't agree with all of his policy decisions, Matt said that they still support his leadership. And Walker, in turn, is very proud of both of his sons. He brings up their names so often in political speeches that some Wisconsin residents have turned it into a drinking game, according to CNN. Matt said that part of being a politician's son is certainly entertaining, but it's not always that way. Disagreements do arise, and they aren't easy to solve when your dad is a career politician who has been adopting partisan views since he was 25 years old.

On Same-Sex Marriage

Matt told CNN that he supports same-sex marriage (both of Walker's sons do), so he complained to their mother when their dad responded to the Supreme Court's decision to legalize same-sex marriage across the country a "grave mistake," according to CNN. Walker has even attended a same-sex wedding reception, according to his sons, but he won't budge on the issue, and they said they aren't trying to change his opinion.

On His Clothing Choices

Scott Olson/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Alex and Matt said Walker can be a dorky, embarrassing dad sometimes. It's a good thing he's a politician, which means he often just wears suits, because Matt said his clothing choices wouldn't be as suave if it wasn't dictated by his career, according to CNN:

The big one is that he wears jean shorts sometimes. That's a little rough. So fashion choices need to be updated.

Jorts and he's against same-sex marriage? Come on, Walker.

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