Are You Ready For 'Sherlock' Season 3?

by Alanna Bennett

Yo, have you see John Watson's mustache? That mustache is coming to you sometime very soon. Or at least it's coming to TVs in Britain sometime soon, at which point you can... use means... Internet... to watch it? Not that we condone that. Oh no. Who doesn't want to wait an extra month to watch Sherlock? Not that we know the official British air date yet, but we've got some new huge BBC Sherlock Season 3 hints, so let's all cry about them together, OK?

We already know that Sherlock is airing on PBS on Jan. 19, but the UK airdate has been the real one we've been waiting for (due to afore-hinted Internet reasons). We've got a trailer but we still don't actually know a date (sigh), but that's to be expected as British television often holds off announcing air dates until only a little bit beforehand as a tactic to avoid other channels scheduling their own counter-programming.

Still, we pretty much know at this point that the first of Sherlock's three Season 3 episodes will air sometime around Christmas or New Years, which means we've only got about a month to hyperventilate over this new episode one synopsis they've released:

Two years after the devastating effects of The Reichenbach Fall, Dr. John Watson has got on with his life. New horizons, romance and a comforting domestic future beckon. But, with London under threat of a huge terrorist attack, Sherlock Holmes is about to rise from the grave with all the theatricality that comes so naturally to him. It’s what his best friend wanted more than anything, but for John Watson it might well be a case of ‘be careful what you wish for’! If Sherlock thinks everything will be just as he left it though, he’s in for a very big surprise…

Excuse us while we...

And did we mention the truly heart-gutting new posting on John Watson's official BBC blog? Because we're not entirely sure we're done sobbing yet:

It feels odd. Coming back here. This blog. It's taken me about a week to write this. I kept coming back. Deleting bits. Adding bits.[...] I understand that he's dead. And I accept it. I still believe in him. In who he was. The truth behind that will come out, I believe that. But Sherlock is dead and that period of my life is behind me.[...] And I won't feel sad about it. Not any more. Because they were good times. We did good and we had fun. And that's what I'm going to remember. My best friend, and he'd kill me for saying that's what he was, is dead. Sherlock Holmes is dead.

But, by God, he'll never be forgotten.

You need to go read the whole thing because we can't be the only ones with these feelings inside of us. You should also read the comments.

Images: BBC/ Tumblr