7 Reasons Clay Honeycutt Is Overrated On 'Big Brother 17', Because His Abs Are Blinding Us From The Truth

I’m not a huge fan of hating on people I hardly know, but there is just something about Clay Honeycutt on Season 17 of Big Brother that rubs me the wrong way. Trust me, it’s not about who he is or how I feel about him. It’s really about how he plays the game. Because, if you ask me, the kid is overrated when it comes to his game play. I’d actually go out on a limb and say that his game is some of the worst in the house this season. And by worst, I mean the most obvious, and we all know that being obvious about the game you’re playing never got any Big Brother houseguests anywhere.

So while plenty of fans are swooning over Clay's showmance with Shelli, and his freakishly good looks — seriously, is he, like, a Ken doll come to life? Is the Big Brother house really the set of Disney’s Life-Size and nobody told me? — I’m sitting over here like, “Why is anyone even rooting for this guy?”

I have a pretty strong feeling that if more people could see past his insanely good looks and distractingly sexy body, they would see what I see: a guy who is hanging on by the thread of his questionable game play.

Need more proof? Here’s a list of all of the ways that Clay is totally overrated:

1. He’s Playing Shelli

I don’t believe their showmance for a second. That guy is sleeping in her bed because she is Head of Household, and because he knows she’s into him. It’s hard not to hate him for that, but, whether you agree with it or not, it’s a super shady way to play the game.

2. The Way He Talked To Da’Vonne

I don’t know if he was putting on a front, or if that cocky stance was how the guy usually apologizes, but, either way, it wasn’t cool. It was super stiff and weird and completely insincere. If that’s his “game face,” his game is really going to suffer for it.

3. He Hasn’t Won A Challenge Yet

You’d think a former Texas A&M football player would be all over the physical challenges, but Clay hasn’t won a title yet. So far this guy is all preening and no practical application.

4. He’s Gullible

When Austin said that there was a conspiracy against Clay and Shelli, they both fell for it hard. They put Meg up for eviction instead of Liz like Austin secretly wanted, proving yet again that Clay is not all he’s cracked up to be.

5. He Sucks At Beer Pong

Seriously? Five years at Texas A&M and he scores a SIX at the HoH challenge that was basically a bigger version of Beer Pong? I was expecting him to dominate in that one. Who is this guy, and exactly what are the skills that he’s bringing to the table?

6. He’s Being Too Obvious

Everyone knows that you have to seem at least a little flexible in your alliances in order to dominate in the Big Brother house. But Clay is super tight with Shelli and super obvious about it. No one is going to be able to trust that he’s on their side and not Shelli’s probably for the rest of the game. Not the smartest move, buddy. What are you going to do when Shelli is on the outs, or when she’s not around?

7. He’s Got a Huge Target On His Back

That’s the downside of forming a power couple with Shelli. Sorry, Clay. You should have seen that one coming.

Because Clay may be pretty, but, when it comes to playing the game, he’s totally overrated.

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