9 Ways You Could Be Giving Yourself Wrinkles Without Even Knowing It

Aging is absolutely beautiful, and a natural part of life. However, you may not want to have wrinkles before you have to. Wrinkles are a sign that the skin is losing it's elasticity, which is only natural. However, there are a few things that can speed up this process. Whether it's too much time in the sun, or even your own diet, there are several sneaky ways that wrinkles can creep upon your skin. Don't worry, though; there are many ways that you can combat premature wrinkles. You just have to know the causes in order to prevent them.

Wrinkles happen to everyone (well, maybe not Cindy Crawford). It's a part of life, and one you should certainly embrace. However, there are many things you can do while you are young in order to avoid unnecessary aging and improve the overall health of your skin. Preventing wrinkles isn't about looking young, but instead, keeping your skin as healthy as possible. Besides leading a healthy lifestyle, there are several tricks that can keep your skin looking smooth and radiant. It's a completely easy way to look your best for as long as possible. Wondering how you can keep wrinkles at bay? Here are a few sneaky things that can cause premature wrinkles on your skin.

1. Eating Sugary Treats

The old saying, "You are what you eat" couldn't be more true in this particular case. Eating super sugary food and foods with high glycemic index can actually make you look older. Sugar molecules can attach to proteins in the skin, and can cause them to become deformed. Think skin that sags, and, of course wrinkles.

2. Chewing Gum

Think about it. Constantly chewing gum can stretch, and deform your facial muscles. In the name of saving your skin, choose to freshen your breath with mints instead.

3. Puling On Your Skin To Apply Makeup


Whether it's lining your waterline or pulling up on your brows to apply mascara, this stretching of the skin can cause wrinkles down the line. Move your face in different directions in order to apply your makeup. Keep your hands off of your face as much as possible.

4. Your Pillowcase

Satin and silk are always a lady’s best friend. Cotton can tug on the skin, which causes wrinkles. Satin and silk are more fluid, and can cause less resistance.

5. Not Eating Dark Chocolate

This is your excuse to eat more chocolate! Dark chocolate can positively effect the skin’s hydration as well as improve circulation. Basically, you can eat your way to smoother skin!

6. Your Sleep Position

Sleeping with your face on your pillow case can cause sleep lines. These are the lines of demarcation you see on your face after a long night of sleep. Avoid these by trying to sleep on your back. This will cause less resistance and tugging on your face overtime.

7. Not Wearing You Glasses

Whether it's not wearing your prescription glasses or your sunglasses, this can cause wrinkles. Think about it. Squinting can cause wrinkles between your eyebrows, and in the corners of your eyes. Prevent this by protecting your eyes, and wearing your glasses.

8. Washing Your Face Too Much

Over-washing your face can strip your skin of important hydrating oils. This type of dryness can cause wrinkles on your face. Make sure to cleanse your skin twice a day in order to avoid these types of wrinkles.

9. Constantly Wearing Falsies

False eyelashes weigh down your eyelids. Over time this can cause your lids to sag, and wrinkle prematurely. Wear for falsies for special occasions only in order to keep your eyes looking their youngest.

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