5 Sex Tips From 'Ghost' On Its 25th Anniversary, Because Everyone Should Use A Pottery Wheel As Foreplay

Everything I ever wanted to know about supernatural sex but was afraid to ask I learned from Ghost. As a 7-year-old baby goth with a penchant for tan, washboard abs, I studied the ways Patrick Swayze seductively pwnd Demi Moore, both from this world and the next. As we approach the 25th Anniversary of Ghost, there's no better time to read this film not as a romance or thriller, but as a cinematic sex manual of sorts, because — admit it — who didn't learn a thing or two about sexual salvation from Jerry Zucker's 1990 classic?

For those who need a refresher on this gem's plotline, here goes: Sam and Molly are a New York City "hipster" couple renovating a Soho loft together. He's in finance, she's a sculptor, and while they totally dig each other, in cliche dude fashion, his sole response to her "I love yous" is "ditto." Sam gets murdered under shady circumstances, becomes a ghost, and tries to contact Molly through a medium named Oda Mae Brown (played by Whoopi Goldberg to perfection). Along the way, there are some steamy (and sometimes absurd) scenes that remain burned into our collective sexual subconscious — with a climax that is totally out-of-this-world. So if you want to conjure some of this supernatural sexing for yourself, here are five sex tips from Ghost:

1. Guys (And Ghosts) Like A Woman Who Can Get Her Hands Dirty


Whether demoing her new apartment or coaxing masterpieces out of clay, Molly is a hands on kind of gal. This willingness to get down and dirty in her daily life is part of her sex appeal — and easily translates to some fearless hands on action in the bedroom, too.

2. Work Overalls Can Be As Sexy As Lingerie

Whether in her white work overalls in the film's opening scene or her go-to clay-splattered blue jean overalls, Molly proves you can be effortlessly sexy by just being your frazzled, messy self. She does happen to be one of the more conventionally attractive women around, but in the end sex is more about animalistic attitude, not aesthetics, right?

3. Making Art Together Is Excellent Foreplay


The most iconic scene from Ghost stars a pottery wheel, a 45" record of "Unchained Melody," and pure, unadulterated passion. To recap: Sam walks in on Molly sculpting and decides to help out her creative process. She takes his hands and instructs him to "get 'em wet" and "just let the clay slide between your fingers." The next thing you know, they're making another kind of art altogether.

4. Guys Need Sensual Caressing Too


Ghost subverts the usual Hollywood formula with sex scenes that are staged in a slightly different way. The first time we see Molly and Sam fornicate, he's shirtless and she's covered up, and the focus is on her hands trailing slowly up his back, down his chest, and toward his crotch. It's total objectification, it's totally hot, and it's a great reminder that guys love them some sensual caressing too.

5. You Don't Have To See Your Lover To Feel Your Lover


One of the final (and best) scenes in Ghost has Whoopi Goldberg channelling Patrick Swayze so he and Demi Moore can have a final night of sweet romantic bliss. Besides the lady loving overtones that make it extra intriguing, the takeaway from these sultry moments is that you don't have to see your lover to feel them — if you get my drift. But don't despair if you don't have a special spirit to engage with at home, I'm sure a blindfold could easily replicate this feeling in a pinch.

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