Sofia Vergara's Birthday T-Shirt Is Hilarious

Nothing wishes your significant other a happier birthday than a gag gift from the heart. From what we can infer from a rather silly Instagram photo, Sofia Vergara received a T-shirt with fiancé Joe Manganiello as a centaur on it for her birthday, which was this past Saturday. The Modern Family actress celebrated the big 4-3 by throwing herself quite the fiesta this weekend, complete with a candle-lit dinner and six (yes, six) birthday cakes. That is a whole lot of icing, my friends.

Upon opening presents, Vergara threw the shirt over her yellow halter V-neck dress, shimmied said dress down to her waist in order to tuck the tee into her then-skirt (quite the creative wardrobe change, eh?), and continued on with her celebratory activities. These activities obviously included shamelessly drinking from a black and sparkling hot pink gauntlet the size of her face because she was, after all, the birthday princess.

Vergara and Manganiello have been engaged since December, and basically make the cutest couple. Though I’m not exactly sure a homemade T-shirt with a photo of my fiancé posing as a mythical creature across my stomach would be my idea of the ultimate birthday present, this female comedian knows a good laugh when she sees one. Manganiello as a hairy yet chiseled centaur is quite funny. And strangely attractive…but, I digress.

The couple who laughs together, stays together, am I right?

Images: sofiavergara/Instagram (4)