Who Is Viola Davis' 'Suicide Squad' Character?

By Kaitlin Reilly

Sorry, Iron Man and Captain America: it's the villains that are coming out to play in 2016. The first preview of the upcoming film Suicide Squad hit the internet on Monday, and this time the bad guys (and gals) are the ones we're rooting for. The new film features Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn, Will Smith as Deadshot, and Jared Leto as a brand-new take on the Joker, but there is one person you might not have expected to see. How To Get Away With Murder star Viola Davis has a major role in Suicide Squad , and it's her character who sets the entire Suicide Squad in motion.

Davis will be playing the role of Amanda Waller in the upcoming film, and while Amanda isn't as crazed as Harley Quinn or as gun-happy as Deadshot, she doesn't always have high moral standing — at least, not in the DC comics. She first appeared in 1986 in Legends #1, and served as a congressional aide. She discovered that the government had previously used notorious villains on missions that would ultimately benefit the world, and decided to create another incarnation of the Suicide Squad. Despite her relatively noble intentions, Amanda sometimes used the squad to fulfill more personal tasks, and often butted heads with superheroes like Batman who didn't approve of Amanda's methods.

The new Suicide Squad may take liberties with Davis' character, but from the look of the trailer it seems that her most important role is solidified. In the trailer Amanda goes to find her squad in their "hole" and asks them to be a part of this brand-new mission — Harley Quinn even asks Amanda if she's "the devil" looking to make a deal.

The trailer may play up Robbie, Leto, and Smith's performances in the new flick, but I'm excited to see the quieter, more nuanced portrayal of Davis' Amanda. Davis brings a dramatic intensity to every role she's cast in, and this DC anti-hero is one challenge I know she'll slay.

Check out Davis in the Suicide Squad first look below:

Images: Warner Bros. Pictures/YouTube (3)