Rakuten Acquires Fits.me, A Startup That Is Creating Virtual Fitting Rooms, So You Never Have To Go To The Mall Again

Even though Rebecca Minkoff has already given us a glimpse of what future retail stores will look like when technology becomes integrated into the consumers' shopping experience, there are others who are following suit. Japan's largest e-commerce site, Rakuten, acquired a startup that is creating virtual fitting rooms. The London-based startup, Fits.me has created e-mannequins that can adjust to your figure after inputting information such as height, weight and age. That way consumers can see a better representation of what a certain piece of clothing will look like on them, instead of trying to base off the fitting on the store's models.

Fit.me began in 2010 and since then has received $14.3 million from investors Conor Venture Partners and Entrepreneurs Fund. However, Fit.me was still looking for a specific investor that not only could match the high investments they've received, but that would perfectly...well, fit, for the startup to thrive in. And after much searching, it was a win-win scenario for both Fit.me and Rakuten. Fit.me saw their ideas come to life in Rakuten's bustling and lively e-commerce site, while Rakuten's CEO, Hiroshi Mikitani shared in a statement that, "Fits.me represents both the fun and functionality of shopping online and is a natural complement to our growing portfolio of e-commerce and marketing services.”

Can't wait to see this type of tech expand to other popular retail sites.

Images: @ItFits_Me/Twitter (2)