Iran & 6 World Powers Reach Historic Nuclear Deal

According to Reuters, six world powers have reached a nuclear deal with Iran to provide the Middle East country relief from economic sanctions in exchange for restrictions on its nuclear program. An unnamed Iranian diplomat confirmed the agreement to Reuters on Tuesday, as did another senior diplomat to the Associated Press. If true, the historic deal would end an impasse that had crippled Iran's economy as well as threatened peace in the region since 1979.

Reuters reported that the preliminary version of the nuclear deal would grant UN inspectors access to all suspected sites, including military ones. But The Guardian's Julian Borger said the agreement instead reportedly involves "arrangements for IAEA (International Atomic Energy Agency) inspections of suspect sites, including military sites, but it will be 'managed access,' rather than the unfettered access reported by Reuters." Managed access would require inspectors to present reasons for examining a site suspected of engaging in undeclared nuclear activity.

Negotiations have gone back and forth for nearly two years, with the most recent meetings having gone nearly uninterrupted for 18 days. Foreign ministers of Iran and the six powers are expected to discuss the agreement in a news conference scheduled for 4:30 a.m. ET Tuesday morning.