What Is Love? People Of All Ages Try To Answer The Age Old Question, And Their Responses Are Profound — VIDEO

What does love mean to you? It's a concept that changes throughout your life, to be certain. As a baby, love means dependency, as a teenager, craziness, and as an adult, partnership. YouTube channel SoulPancake has pulled together people from the ages of 0-100 to talk about what love means to them (although their 100-year-old is actually 105 because they couldn't find a 100-year-old). I love this video mostly because the title "What Is Love" sounds like a Fat Joe song featuring Ashanti. Which is pretty much what love means to me most of the time.

Some of the kids in this video are the most adorable things I've ever seen. Listening to kids talk about what love is will absolutely kill you. For that matter, listening to middle-aged and older people talk about love will kill you too. Those are the people that know what's up. No one cares what teens and twenty somethings have to say. The real tearjerkers come from the young and the old. My particular favorite is and 80-year-old man who says he and his wife help one another to be their best selves. I think that's really beautiful, that loving someone is offering your support, and having them give you theirs. And this guy's been married for fifty-five years, so he probably makes a good point. Here are some of the best definitions of love from the video:

1. Incontrovertible logic from a 5-year-old

2. My favorite love definition from an 80-year-old

3. Uplifting love advice from a 65-year-old

4. Straight up preaching from a 14-year-old

5. This very simple "two way street" notion from a 50-year-old

Watch the whole thing below, and see where your notion of love fits in:

SoulPancake on YouTube

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