'Pretty Little Liars' Charles Clues From Season 5 "The Silence Of E. Lamb" Give Insight To Bethany & Radley

With each passing episode of Pretty Little Liars, it seems like all signs point back to Radley. There are still things that went on there — and people who stayed there — that the Liars don't know about yet. But as they get closer to figuring out who the heck A/Charles/the mastermind behind all of this is, Radley keeps coming up. So let's take a quick viewing trip back to a previous episode where one of the Liars ended up at Radley. What kind of Charles clues are hidden in Pretty Little Liars' Season 5 episode, "The Silence of E. Lamb"?

This episode is post-Ali coming home, pre-Mona disappearing again. The girls are also on edge with each other for one reason or another, and spend a lot of the episode fighting amongst themselves. Sort of like A had planned that all along.

Previously, Toby's house went KA-BOOM, so everyone is dealing with the aftermath of that. Also, Caleb just recently returned back from his stint in Ravenswood (hey, remember that?) and he and Hanna still need to make amends. Aria and Ezra are on the rocks, and Ezra is not only still dealing with the ramification of getting shot, but he's coming to terms with the fact that his whole life's work — that true-crime Ali book — didn't go as he planned.

But the real focus of this episode is Radley. Does that help the theory that Wren is Charles, as shown in the video below? Well, it definitely doesn't hurt.

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Here's what we can learn from "The Silence of E. Lamb."

What's Going On?

Radley employee Eddie Lamb knows a lot and appears to be trying to get the Liars' attention. He leaves an odd drawing signed "Bethany" outside Ezra's door, which the Liars find. It's decided that since Spencer can't go back to Radley as a former patient, Hanna can't go back after visiting Mona so many times, and Emily is just like, "I don't have time for this," Aria will go.

Help Them, Ronda

Aria poses as a volunteer, and that's when she meets Rhonda. Rhonda is loud and upset, and one of the other employees at Radley tells Aria not to worry about her, seeing as how Rhonda is just upset since it was her roommate whose body was just recently identified. That would, of course, be Bethany. Rhonda yells that everyone is taking her stuff, and calls Aria a "thief" when she sees Bethany's picture out on the counter. Rhonda demands the picture back, and Aria gives it to her.

So, Rhonda and Bethany were roommates. This must be after Bethany and Lesli were roommates, right? That would suggest a timeline in which Leslie and Bethany share a room, Leslie is released, Bethany is reassigned to live with Rhonda, and then Bethany disappears. It does not appear as if Rhonda has a new roommate now, but maybe that's intentional since she might be too distraught, with the news of Bethany and all.

Bethany also gave Rhonda a book of her drawings, which Rhonda appears to be very attached to.

Bethany's Drawings Hold Clues

Under Rhonda's bed, Aria finds a sketch book, so naturally she takes it. Inside are Bethany's sketches that start off "normal," as Spencer describes them, and quickly turn much darker.

We've seen and talked about the above image — Mrs. D and her roses — a billion times. Yes, that's Mrs. D, those are her roses, and that's a monster behind her. We still have no idea what the greater meaning behind this is, let alone the identity of the monster. This isn't the only picture in the book, though.

Here's another image. It looks like an intervention, with a blonde girl in the middle. Taking a wild guess, that's Bethany, who is also likely the "blond patient" at Radley who was there the night Toby's mom died. Is this moment significant to the Charles/A story? Is this an image of something that happened at Radley? That window is very prominent in the picture, but let's come back to that in a moment.

One again, here's Bethany. Nothing too out of the ordinary in this picture, however, what the heck is up with that "I" in the right-hand corner? What does it mean? Bethany doesn't have the letter anywhere in her name, so it's not like she's signing the picture. Was she trying to write something else?

Here's an interesting picture (and also bear in mind, these pictures are in this same order in the book). It features a monster carrying a boy in his arms, with a girl chasing after them. Could the boy be Charles? Is he struggling to get away from this monster, perhaps someone taking him out of Radley, and Bethany is chasing after him?

I want to say that this is a drawing of the night Ali disappeared, and the night Charles "got out of Radley," but we know Charles "died" before that night, and Bethany went MIA that night, too. So she couldn't have then gone back to Radley, sketched this up real fast, and then wound up in the DiLaurentis back yard.

So if this isn't that fateful night, what other night is Bethany sketching where Charles was taken away by some monster? Who is this monster? Considering that we see Mrs. DiLaurentis alongside the monster in some pictures, it's probably not her. That means there's still someone else involved in this Charles situation.

This is a drawing of Marion Cavanaugh falling to her death. It's not confirmed, but I'm willing to bet my life on it by this point. Also, those windows. Could those be the windows from the FIRST image Bethany was sketching? Perhaps she saw this happen, there was a meeting about it, and Bethany sketched both events?

Finally, there are two more pictures of Mrs. D. One with devil horns, the other with LIAR written all over her. Clearly, Bethany did not like Mrs. D. Something must have happened between them, because at one point, the two did get along (Custard the horse, never forget). What caused this rift?

It might be whatever happened the night Charles left Radley, presumably by faking his death. But I still don't think that monster in the image is Mrs. D. The most likely explanation is that Mrs. D spoke to Bethany about Charles, likely saying that he was dead, and Bethany knew she was lying.

Those are all the images we see from Bethany's book. Aria then returns it to Rhonda, and Eddie, who always seemed kind and willing to help the Liars, is never seen, nor heard from, again. It's all suspicious and just shows how many answers Pretty Little Liars Season 6 owes us. For more theories, check out Bustle's PLL podcast.

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