'Pretty Little Liars' Charles Clues From Season 5 "How The A Stole Christmas" Reveal A Lot About His Identity

Summertime usually means lazy days by the pool, barbecues, and entirely too much ice cream, but the summer of 2015 is much more than that: it's also the conclusion of the epic A story on Pretty Little Liars. We're approaching the end of the show's "Summer of Answers," which means that we're finally going to learn the real identity of Charles DiLaurentis, the person in that hoodie who's tormented the Liars for years. The summer may reveal all, but in order to gather clues, we have to go back to the frigid winter months — specifically, the Season 5 episode "How The A Stole Christmas."

In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, showrunner I. Marlene King listed the holiday special as one of the episodes that diehard fans should re-watch to gather up all of those juicy A clues before the Season 5 finale, and it turns out, there are quite a few hints within the episode. We may know what some of these clues refer to now, but others are still a mystery that only Season 6 can unfold for us. There are plenty of things that you likely missed the first you watched "How The A Stole Christmas," and if you give it a second look, you just may reconsider who the liars should trust. Below are the biggest Charles clues I uncovered, and if you want even more Big A theories, check out Bustle's PLL podcast.

The Yellow Dress Probably Wasn't For Bethany

Mona shows Ali a flashback of Jessica telling her to lie about finding two yellow dresses in the piano. When present day Ali asks Mona if one of the dresses is for Bethany, Mona says it's not that easy. Does that mean that there is another little girl out there that Mrs. DiLaurentis was buying a dress for? Could Charles have already been keeping dolls, and asked for the dress to give to one of them?

We Can't Trust Lucas

Lucas is around a lot in this episode and this scene in particular is a tad odd. Spencer tells Lucas that they "can't trust anyone," and then the camera lingers just a bit too long on his face. Could be it be possible that Lucas is really Charles DiLaurentis, or at least posing as him? Charles DiLaurentis is an anagram for "Nerd Lucas Is The Liar," after all.

Ali May Not Have Kissed Holbrook

Ali is kissing Santa Claus, but we never see this Santa Claus' face — we have no real reason to believe that it was Holbrook kissing Ali at that party. Yes, the girls see Holbrook in costume and assume it's him, but if it was him, why reveal that only minutes after cloaking his face? It would be just as surprising to see Holbrook kissing Ali in that moment as it would be several minutes later.

Holbrook May Be Shadier Than We Thought

Holbrook and Aria have this passive aggressive exchange after Holbrook refers to going to the charity ball as "giving back to my community." Holbrook isn't from Rosewood, and seemingly isn't even a permanent resident of Rosewood — as far as we know, anyway — but Charles might be. If Holbrook didn't actually kiss Ali that night and isn't romantically connected to her in any way, that would make it plausible for him to be her brother, right? Charles would be roughly the same age as Holbrook, and he left Rosewood just about the time that A set the Alison trap in motion — it's totally possible that he's Charles. In fact, having someone in the same outfit as him kiss Ali could have been one way to throw fans, and the Liars, off the Charles track.

There's A Possible Reference To Charles In The Attic

See that poster with the letter "C" on it? It looks like it would be appropriate for a child's room, which could mean it was in Charles' room before he was sent to Radley.

We Should Look For Someone With Blue Eyes

There's no way to know if the person looking out of the baby doll mask is really Big A, but whoever it is has blue eyes. The first person I thought of here was Sara — could A have let her out of the dollhouse in order to assist him with his mission to take down the girls? Or could Sara have been working for Big A this entire time?

The clues are there, now we just need to put them together.

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