The Cast Of 'Sex&Drugs&Rock&Roll' On FX Brings Some Serious Talent To The New Comedy

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FX may have recently lost two of its most iconic shows within four months of each other — Sons Of Anarchy and Justified — but the cable network is already bringing in their replacements. FX is bringing viewers the season's most unique (and least abbreviate-able) new drama: Sex&Drugs&Rock&Roll whose cast alone makes it worth the watch. S&D&R&R ( SDRR ?) tells the story of Johnny Rock, who sounds like the long-lost cousin of Entourage's Johnny Drama, but who FX's website assures me is the "lead singer of a legendary early 90’s New York band called The Heathens [who] were on the brink of becoming famous for their kickass live shows and the release of their highly anticipated first album. Until they broke up. The same day the album dropped."

Of course, the story doesn't end there or there wouldn't be a show! Flashforward a quarter of a century: "That’s when a massively talented young singer named Gigi shows up — with a burning desire to be famous, a throwback appreciation for The Heathens’ only album, and a stack of cash big enough to bring the whole band back into the studio. Only this time, SHE’S the lead singer and Johnny’s just a behind-the-scenes songwriter." Presumably, drug-fueled highjinks ensue.

Before you catch the series premiere, "Don't Wanna Die Anonymous," this Thursday night, find out just who's gonna be rocking and who's gonna be rolling in the show's impressive cast.

Image: Patrick Harbron/FX

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