Sophia Bush Masters Summer Layering With Scarf

With summer comes an endless amount of accessories to pile on. It can be challenging to decide which of the trends to commit to, but Sophia Bush wore a scarf in July and it's definitely a look to try. I know, you're cringing at the thought, but here me out! Bush sported this look and a handful of other summery accessories on her trip to Uganda, and her fashionable photos left style gurus everywhere inspired.

Bush might have put the focus on the camel she was riding during her latest Instagram post, but my attention was on her summer scarf. She layered the light and airy red and camel colored scarf (coincidence? I think not) to make for a winning ensemble as she rode through the mountains looking as cool and casual as ever.

A great accessory has the power to amp up any outfit, and that's exactly what this scarf did. Layered over a white tank top and blue jeans, the scarf turned the simple look up a notch. Just like a fabulous pair of sunglasses or a statement bracelet, which Bush also knows a lot about, the scarf is an accessory that will never go out of style. Whether you're taking a vacation or just riding around town with the windows down, Bush's style inspiration looks fabulous anywhere.

But Bush's photos highlight more than just her airy scarf. The actress mastered summer accessory trends during her time abroad, and I can only hope she brought them back to the States with her. At least I have all of her fabulous Instagram posts to help me get inspired.

1. Statement sunglasses

Even while traveling abroad, Bush knows that statement sunnies are a must have. The clear blue frames with matching lenses bring just enough pop to an outfit without being too obnoxious.

2. Breezy summer dresses

With just enough structure and color, Bush's dresses are the perfect way to beat the heat this summer. Opt for a longer dress like the actress did to make for a unique look.

3. Bold bracelets

But seriously how fabulous is this? The gold bracelet brings a boho-chic feel to any warm-weather outfit.

4. Oversized fedoras

The actress used her oversized fedora to bring just enough personality to a simple look. And her travel partner's printed pants aren't too shabby either.

5. Sweet treats

All right, so technically this isn't an accessory. But I think macaroons are important no matter the weather.