15 Times Shay Mitchell Gave Us All The Shoe-spiration We'll Ever Need On Instagram

When Marilyn Monroe said "give a girl the right pair of shoes and she can conquer the world," she was obviously talking about Shay Mitchell. The Pretty Little Liars star posted a photo of her new pair of Nike's to Instagram Tuesday, showing off yet another addition to her already impressive collection. Whether it's a fresh pair of Nike's or five inch heels, this woman is taking on the world one nail tutorial, fashion shoot, PLL episode at a time, and doing so in some fancy footwear.

If I were given the opportunity to raid one celeb's closet, you can bet your bottom dollar I'd be at Mitchell's door in a millisecond. Unlike Emily Fields's sporty style on Pretty Little Liars, Shay Mitchell is all about the glitzy and glam. Hair done, nails done, off set, everything is did, from her shades to the kicks on her feet.

And I thought my shoe rack was overflowing; just take a quick browse through Mitchell's Instagram account. I've got three words for you, friends: Nikes for days. I'm sitting over here admiring my $20 black running shoes with pink laces (which are fantastic and beautiful, for the record) while Mitchell's reppin' activewear's shoe designer MVP.

But it's not just her Nike collection; this lifestyle blogger's magnificent shoe selection is no more limited in shoe diversity than Ben and Jerry's is confined to a few ice cream flavors.

Sporadically shuffled among her three million Instagram photos, Mitchell provides you with all the shoe inspiration you will ever need. There's a pair for everyone and every occasion. So if you fancy yourself a shoe connoisseur but roll your eyes at the mere idea of scrolling through tons of photos for the perfect #shoepic to tickle your fancy, I can understand that. Which is why I've gathered a few.

Here are 15 times Shay Mitchell gave us all the shoe-spiration we'll ever need on Instagram. It's a one-stop inspiration shop for your ever footwear need.

1. Just Do It

Whether "it" be big or little.

2. Sweatin' On Her Shaycation

With Nike, of course.

3. Studded Sandals

Paired with one adorable romper.

4. Ankle Cuffs and Pom-Poms

Her feet look like heavy metal cheerleaders.

5. Shay's Slip-On Sneaks

Back tracking to the grammar school days.

6. Silver Sandals

To match her silver balloon.

7. Thigh Highs

All the class.

8. Color Run(nning shoes)

The happiest pair on earth.

9. Just Do It

This time in black and pink Nikes.

10. Seriously though...

Why does this girl not model for Nike?

11. A Plane Pair

For traveling in style.

12. Black Heels And A Button Down

Because sometimes Mitchell introduces casual to class.

13. Shoe Art

Meet Shay feet.

14. Sneakers and A Dress

...is an outfit for success.

15. Only Shay

... can rock ankle bootie heels with a bathing suit.

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Images: shaym/Instagram(15)