What Happens In The Second 'Ant-Man' Post-Credits Scene? If You Thought The First Was Good, Just Wait Until You See This

These days, it seems like nearly every big movie that's released is fitted with a post-credits scene. Everything from the kid-friendly Minions to the violent Terminator: Genisys comes with a little extra something after the movie is finished, and we can probably thank Marvel for that. While Marvel certainly didn't invent the post-credits scene, it definitely popularized the trend, and its newest effort, Ant-Man, cements its status as the industry's post-credits leader. The movie features not one, but two scenes after the film ends. Unsurprisingly, the first one (spoiler alert!) shows Hope van Dyne seeing the Wasp suit for the first time — but the second is more of a shocker. So what happens in the second Ant-Man post-credits scene?

Like many Marvel movies, the Ant-Man post-credit scene follows a certain formula. Typically, there'll be one mid-credits scene and then another post-credits scene after all credits have scrolled (just as the new movie does), and while one of these is usually a serious scene setting the stage for a future Marvel movie, the other is often some kind of gag (nice to see you, Howard the Duck). In Ant-Man, however, there is one key difference; both scenes carry weight, and both display likely implications for future Marvel movies. But it's the second of the two, the true post-credits scene, that will probably have a more immediate effect on the Marvel Cinematic Universe. That's because this scene features some familiar faces, and helps set the stage for Marvel's next endeavor, Captain America: Civil War .

Run away now if you don't want to be majorly spoiled.

An Avenger Appearance

After the credits roll and the first scene has aired, fans are taken to an undisclosed location where none other than Falcon, an Avenger, is brooding, along with a restrained and beaten up Winter Soldier (which is kind of a big deal and I'm a little bummed that his capture happened off-screen, but whatevs). Then, guess who strolls in? That's right, Captain America himself.

A Hint At Civil War

Falcon asks Cap if they should let Tony Stark know that they've got the Winter Soldier, and Cap gives him a big 'ol nope. Does this mean that Cap and Stark are already pitted against each other? Has the Civil War already begun? Is Cap still upset about the whole "language" joke? Whatever it is, it doesn't seem like Cap and Stark are on speaking terms.

An Ant-Man Shout-Out

Falcon then tells Cap that he "knows a guy," implying that Ant-Man, whom Falcon squares off against earlier in the movie, would be a guy they can call on for help. If this means what I think it does, then it sounds like Ant-Man will be suiting up on Cap's side in the war to come (but let's keep it civil, OK guys?)

What It All Means

So that's what happens, and the insinuation that Ant-Man could be siding with Captain America is extremely exciting. Especially if Hawkeye is also on Cap's side, since that could mean there might be a scene like this:

How amazing would that be?

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