Is Audrey America’s Player On 'Big Brother 17'? The Theory Is Sound, But Probably Not True

No matter how often we hear from former Big Brother players that the house makes you paranoid beyond belief, it’s still hilarious and ridiculous to see it unfold — especially if you follow the CBS live feeds. So far, in Season 17, the Twin Twist has been getting plenty of attention, but so has another Big Brother fan favorite twist: America's Player. This season, the houseguests think Audrey is the prime suspect for being America’s Player, so are they right?

Basically, in seasons past, there has sometimes been a houseguest that America uses to play the Big Brother game their way. In Season 8, America controlled Eric’s every move, from something as minor as starting a catch phrase in the house, “I’d do that for a dollar!” and as major as telling him who to vote for. Last season’s Team America added two players into the mix for a similar twist. There was also Season 12’s Saboteur, who had to commit acts of sabotage to throw off the game.

The houseguests have been stacking evidence up against Audrey for awhile now, and are betting that her weirdo, manipulative, hard-to-decipher, sometimes-totally-inexplicable strategy can only be explained by her being America’s Player or Saboteur.

Here is the evidence the houseguests are using to back up their theory:

Audrey’s Alliance Hijacking: Early on, some of the big players in the game formed an alliance and Audrey was one of them. For reasons nobody understands, she then dragged some random people out of bed and up to the HoH room to make it an alliance of eight or nine (the exact number was never super clear).

Jace & Da’Vonne’s Mystery Votes: In both evictions so far, there has been a vote that’s unaccounted for. The houseguests have correctly guessed that Audrey cast these votes.

Audrey = Drama: Many of the houseguests now identify Audrey with any bit of drama in the house, and that’s not a great place to be. The fact that they are constantly catching her in lies is no big help here.


Still, with all that and even more against her, Audrey’s not the only one suspected of being America’s Player; Steve’s name has been thrown around on the feeds quite a bit. Nobody seems to know where he stands, and he’s often awkwardly lurking around the house, so many of the houseguests think he must be up to something. Oddly, the big red flag when it comes to Steve is simply that he’s so adamantly against the idea that there even is an America’s Player this season. That’s how kooky it’s getting up in there, folks! The mere denial of a twist at play is reason enough to think the denier is in on the twist.

But, if there is an America's Player, it stands to reason that we (America) would know something was happening. Since we don't, I think this clears Audrey and Steve's name... at least where this twist is concerned.

Images: CBS; Giphy