A Guy Stole His Roommate's Designer Apparel And Donated All Of It To Goodwill

In college, it's always quite an experience to witness or hear about all the stories of crazy roommates. A popular one is definitely the roommate who always steals your clothes. Sure, they probably got away with jacking a couple of your Forever 21 crop tops, your new sunglasses, and your favorite denim shorts, but 30-year-old Kenneth Butler was caught stealing his roommate's designer apparel. In total, Butler stole $5,000 worth of high fashion accessories, suits, and coats. However, it wasn't for himself nor was it for his own profit. He was playing Robin Hood and ended up donating them all to Goodwill.

According to NYPD, Butler stole two blue fur winter coats — worth one grand each, two Calvin Klein suits that — worth $750 each, a Louis Vuitton belt that is worth $350, and a $500 LV necklace. Butler's roommate was renting out Butler's living room and he began to notice that some of his possessions were missing right around the beginning of July. Butler was arrested last Thursday for grand larceny and has a court date of October 7.

Levent Kulu/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Whether the police are searching for the possessions through Goodwill is still unknown, but I wonder if someone will snag the items before the cops track them down.