Louis Tomlinson Would Be A Great Father

It’s a banner day for One Direction fans everywhere. Unless y'know, you're a One Direction fan who was holding out hope that you would one day bear the spawn of this this boybander. For yoiu, this might be one of the worst days ever — because one out of four of the guys is already reproducing: Louis Tomlinson is reportedly going to be a father. According to People, Briana Jungwirth, a 23-year-old stylist who the singer is reportedly "close friends" with, is allegedly pregnant with Tomlinson's first child. It's big news for those who are fans of the band, obviously — and news that might have some attempting to see Tomlinson as a father. If you find yourself attempting to do just that, this Louis Tomlinson charity video might clear up some of those thoughts.

While the idea of Tomlinson populating the world with offspring as adorable as he is might be a crazy one to imagine, it looks like we don't have to wait to imagine it. Shortly before the reports about Tomlinson and Jungwirth broke, a video was posted to Twitter and Facebook, featuring Tomlinson discussing his wish to see a world in which all children are fed and given proper medical attention. First: Awww, that's amazing. And secondly... coincidence?

The fact that the video was posted very close to the time these reports broke seems like it could be purposeful to me, but since I'm not sure it's fair to speculate considering Tomlinson's personal life is involved, I won't.

Cameron Spencer/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Instead, I'm just taking a video for what it is: A solid show of Tomlinson's charitable nature, which indicates a softer side to him, as well as proof that Tomlinson is going to be a great dad.

The clip shows the singer talking about what he wants for the world, including healthcare and proper nutrition for every child in the world. ISN’T THAT SWEET? He even goes on to share his hopes that all children have the same chances in life that he did. A nod to his wishes for his future child, perhaps? Maybe! Even if these reports of Tomlinson and Jungwirth expecting a child aren't sure, that doesn't mean Tomlinson won't have kids in the future — and, after all, pretty much every parent wants to provide a life for their child that is as good or better than their own.

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Whatever it means, the perfectly-timed video shows the world what an sweet, caring, and considerate father Tomlinson will be to any children he fathers.

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