Beauty Blogger Margaret Zhang Teams Up With Clinique And Talks About How To Take The Perfect Selfie

Beauty blogger and photographer Margaret Zhang has partnered up with Clinique for its campaign called #FaceForward, which will be marketed towards millennials. In an interview with, Margaret Zhang says millennials are tough, yet loyal consumers. As part of the millennial generation herself, Zhang touches upon how this generation is really great at doing its research on various products before actually taking a step to make a purchase. In turn, that is what makes this generation particularly difficult to market to.

Zhang told, "I think in the past, it’s been like, 'Here is a celebrity face. Here is a product. Trust us, it’s going to be fine!' And now there’s so much available online...You can actually read about what’s effective, what’s not effective. You can find people with similar skin and lifestyle preferences, and talk about what works."

The millennials know what they want and the #FaceForward campaign just further encourages this type of spirit. #FaceForward concentrates on motivating and inspiring millennials to do what they love and to do it with great skin, using their 3-Step products. These sets come with a liquid cleanser, an exfoliating toner, and a hydrating moisturizer. There are also a variety of sets that are created for specific skin types.

And if you want to show off your glowing skin, feel free to take a selfie and post it with the hashtag #FaceForward. As a photographer, Zhang gave the deets on how to take the perfect selfie shot. The secret is apparently all in the lighting. "You’re never going to get a good picture if you’re weirdly lit or if there’s too much side light...I think ideal times of day to shoot are early morning or late afternoon, like when the light is really golden." Looks like it's time to #FaceForward.

Images: clinique, margaret___zhang/Instagram (2)