Gwen Stefani Says Thinking About Going Brunette Makes Her Sad, Plus Her Secret Lipstick Trick

Platinum blonde is a bold color to rock, and unless you're Dolly Parton or Gwen Stefani, you're probably choosing another shade when you're ready to mix it up. While Gwen has thought of switching up her color, it's likely she won't ditch her signature shade. According to PEOPLE, Gwen Stefani says thinking about going brunette makes her sad, so it looks like her bright blonde look is here to stay.

Stefani was at a BeautyCon event to promote her Harajuku Lovers fragrances, and dished to PEOPLE that, while she's entertained the idea, being anything but blonde would simply break her heart. "I’ll add in a little black to change it up, but I just love being blonde,” she said. Brunettes, I still believe in you. Stand strong!

Stefani's blonde hair and red lips are as an iconic a duo as '90s and grunge. She's been rocking the look for years, and has amassed an ungodly stash of red lipsticks.

“I have so many red lipstick shades. I really do probably have five that I kind of go in and out of,” she said. Apparently, and Urban Decay color is her favorite. Excuse me while I make a quick trip to Ulta...

“I mix them a lot. It just depends on what I’m wearing. It’s weird because I kind of do the same thing every day, but … it’s always different as well.”

Whoa, hold the phone. Mixing multiple lipstick shades on your lips? It's a technique I've seen my toddler niece pull off with little success, but hey, I'm open to knew ways of thinking. After all, Gwen isn't above taking fashion advice from small humans. When asked about her fashion inspiration, she went with numero uno child, Kingston.

Vivien Killilea/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

“He’s got really good style — and he’s got good instincts," she said.

Our instincts tell us you're the stuff, Gwen. Now, off to mix some lipstick into a signature, one-of-a-kind shade!