Liam Proposes To Kirsten On 'Stitchers'

ABC Family's newest show Stitchers is killing me you guys. Just when I thought that the series was going to give me a great, simmering friendship and, more importantly, romance between Cameron and Kirsten, my hopes were dashed by the appearance of Liam. Ugh, Liam. Unbeknownst to literally everyone, Kirsten apparently has a boyfriend and Liam perfect. No, seriously. This guy has abs upon which you could actually wash your clothes, he cooks and he is a humanitarian, so much so that he receives awards for his do-goodery. He's so perfect that Cameron was instantly jealous when he met Liam, which made for extremely memorable and entertaining scenes. Sure, just because Liam is back in Kirsten's life, it doesn't have to mean that he is here to stay and here to ruin Kirsten and Cameron's potential relationship, right? Wrong, because Liam proposed to Kirsten at the end of Tuesday night's episode.

The show literally ends on the cliffhanger of Liam proposing to Kirsten, the notoriously feeling-light woman whose growing feelings for Cameron have provided some really intense and sweet moments in a show full of fantastical moments that can at times be a little overwhelming. So now the question is, will Kirsten say yes? On Tuesday night's episode, Kirsten seemed to be embracing the effects of her most recent stitch and her strengthening emotions to really go all in with her relationship with Liam.

What really annoys me is that Liam seems to be reaping the benefits of the connections Kirsten is learning to make thanks to the help of Cameron and Kirsten's friends. I think that's what makes me dislike this seemingly perfect man. He hasn't actually been around to understand who Kirsten is, even though he has known her arguably the longest.

There's also the fact that Liam might be hiding some secrets that actually connect him to the Stitchers program thanks to a photo of Liam where someone is lurking in the back who seems to scare Maggie and her boss so much so that they feel it is necessary to keep an eye on Liam. But I'm going to stop beating around the bush, the worst part about the Liam and Kirsten relationship is that it stops the Cameron and Kirsten relationship. We've seen both Kirsten and Cameron grow a lot thanks to their relationship, in and outside of work. They care about each other. They really like each other. And Kirsten has seemingly made her growing feelings known. Can they actually get their act together and make it work as a couple? First Liam needs to get out of the way, and if he really is hiding important things from Kirsten, hopefully he won't sticking around for too long.

Images: Screenshot/ABC Family (2)