'Mockingjay Part 2' Inspired Fashion To Prepare For An Uprising & Channel Your Rebellious Spirit

I am counting down the days to November 19th when Mockingjay – Part 2 will hit movie theaters. There has been an onslaught of awesome teaser trailers that feature Katniss Everdeen's new Mockingjay — Part 2 fashion and act as positive propaganda for the Mockingjay movement in Panem. There is even an entire website dedicated to the uprising against the Capitol, which features information about the leaders of the Mockingjay movement the, "Pillars of Panem," which informs followers of the movement how to channel characteristics of their favorite heroes and heroines, and a "Dispatches" section where you can share powerful imagery in relation to the cause. It's so realistic and epic that it makes me want to stand up holding my three fingered salute high while performing the Mockingjay whistle.

The new trailers and teasers for the final instalment of The Hunger Games saga feature the battle ready Katniss Everdeen. She has transformed from the start of her journey as a participant in the games to a leader for her people, who have been and still are, under tyranny. Her style and overall image has changed along with her outlook on life; once seen in dirty, loose fitting clothes and combat boots, she now wears a fantastical ensemble fit for a warrior and leader of her people. Katniss looks powerful, modern, and body confident in her new Mockingjay attire.

The Hunger Games on YouTube

So here's how to channel Ms. Everdeen and her Mockingjay apparel to help you feel like a fashion rebel.

The Black Mockingjay Warrior Ensemble

Doesn't Katniss look incredible in this all black, rebellious outfit that makes her look ready for a war? Although figure hugging, it is still quite androgynous with its armor style accessories and biker boots.

ASOS Curve Bodyfit Jumpsuit In High Shimmer Disco, $51, asos.com

Be ready for anything in this shiny, skintight catsuit. Performing self defense moves in this ensemble would be a piece of cake; you certainly wouldn't have to worry about giving anyone an accidental flash of your undies!

Striped Faux Leather Leggings, $23, forever21.com

If you want to add just a touch of androgynous, rebel vibes to your outfit then these leggings with faux leather panelling would work a treat.

Nadia Plunge Neck Jumpsuit With PU Detail, $26, boohoo.com

This luxe catsuit would be perfect for public appearances and to wear during your campaign to exude warrior chic.

Berria Boots, $44, heels.com

Channel Ms. Everdeen's aesthetic in these black biker boots that are both stylish and functional.

The Grey Cloak

Katniss' billowing cape acts like a flag for the people of Panem. Being plain grey in color and of a simple style, it is the opposite of the people of the Capitol's rainbow colored extravagant outfits.

Grey Hooded Faux Suede Cape, $89, etsy.com

Copy Katniss' simple yet symbolic style in this full length, grey, hooded cloak.

Women's Soft Grey Hooded Cape, $80, etsy.com

Do you require a shorter style for summer? This short, hooded cape will fit the bill.

The Rebellious Red Mockingjay Attire

In her campaign, Ms. Everdeen is seen wearing a similar outfit to her black armored garb, yet this time it's a fiery red shade. The girl on fire is not backing down.

Esme Cut Out Neck Crepe Jumpsuit, $26, boohoo.com

Look red hot in this scarlet, cut out jumpsuit to make a style statement like Katniss.

River Island Feather Waistcoat, $82, asos.com

Accessorize with pieces in matching, color coordinated shades such as this oxblood colored, feather waistcoat which is a great nod to the Mockingjay emblem.

Sentinel Segmented Double Strap Leather Shoulder Armor, $150, etsy.com

Get ready for battle in leather shoulder armor custom made to your measurements to ensure you have the perfect fit.

Paneled Faux Leather Pants, $28, forever21.com

These dark red pants will add a touch of biker luxe to any outfit with their faux leather paneling and zipper details.

Point Tea Boots, $130, heels.com

Complete your rouge outfit with these cool, oxblood boots and make the streets of the Capitol run red.

The Fiery Fashion Pieces

From the very moment Katniss entered the gaze of the public eye, her stylist Cinna made sure she stood out from the rest of the contestants. He did this by adding faux flames into her garments, which gave her the nickname "girl on fire." Without this clever design work, she may not have caught the attention of her sponsors during her first time in the arena and thus she may not have survived this far.

Cinna was also responsible for her iconic Mockingjay inspired bridal gown, which on first glance appeared to be a normal wedding dress, but when Katniss spun around while wearing the dress, it transformed into a Mockingjay design. The flames associated with Katniss appear to be a metaphor for the growing rebellion that will soon engulf the Capitol, and the threat of destruction that such a rebellion would bring. I would love to see Katniss in another fiery ensemble to rally the troops and ignite everyone's passions.

LOVEsick Feather Arrow Necklace, $7, hottopic.com

A flame colored feather and an arrow design feature on this necklace, which would be ideal for our Mockingjay.

Phoenix Armor 2 Piece, $135, etsy.com

Defend yourself in phoenix inspired, flame colored epaulets and ensure Panem rises from the ashes.

Recre8Clothing™ On Fire I Reversible Sleeveless Dress, $65/$75, etsy.com

Start an untamable fiery trend in this cute skater dress available in sizes XS to 3XL.

Pluck an arrow from your quiver and get ready for a fashion rebellion in Mockingjay — Part 2 inspired clothing.

Images: LionsgateFilmsUK; TheHungerGames (2); MovieclipsTrailers/YouTube; Giphy (2); Courtesy Brands