Start A Beauty Rebellion In 'Mockingjay' Makeup

I have been waiting patiently for any glimpse of news about the second installment of The Hunger Games movie Mockingjay since sitting in a darkened cinema and watching the credits roll at the end of the first movie. I had even been contemplating Mockingjay inspired makeup (and possibly costumes) I could wear to the second part. If you hadn't guessed, I'm a huge The Hunger Games nerd. So when I recently saw the trailer for Mockingjay — Part 2 I was over the moon.

I've read the books, so unfortunately I know what is going to happen next; but for all those who haven't, I can imagine you're chomping at the bit to find out how the finale of this incredible series plays out. No one likes a spoiler (AKA a person who spoils), especially those select few who think they're being really cryptic with their Game of Thrones spoiler clues on Facebook, when really they've given the entire game away with ease and ruined the rest of your evening/week/month/year (delete as appropriate). I despise these people — seriously what do they gain from spoiling someone else's excitement? Therefore, I shall say no more on the Mockingjay – Part 2 plot aside from, it is epic.

So I thought I best start planning my Mockingjay — Part 2 movie theatre makeup now. Yes, I know no-one will see it in the cinema, but I will know I'm wearing it when I pull my three fingered salute and whistle silently in the dark.


For my Mockingjay inspired eye makeup looks, I went for a very natural base like Katniss. I moisturized, applied Bourjouis Healthy Mix Foundation in “Vanilla," added a little Bourjois blush in “Rose Frisson," and accentuated my eyebrows with a brown Colorsport 24 Hour Eyeliner.

Bourjois Blush, $14, Amazon

1. The Katniss Inspired Smoky Eye

As you can see here, our favorite leading lady Katniss Everdeen is seen sporting a subtle, smoky eye in the Mockingjay — Part 2 trailer. Katniss is renowned for her natural beauty and doesn't often tend to wear a lot of makeup. But when she does, she looks equally as fabulous as when she goes without. I wanted to try an exaggerated smoky eye in honor of Katniss, which would encompass the drama that I'm sure the next instalment will include.

I started by lining my eyes with a kohl eyeliner as it appears Ms. Everdeen has gone for kohl too. I used a thrifty Laval eyeliner for my look. The skin on my eyelids is quite baggy so when I wear eyeliner it always ends up all over the place. So I decided to use a baby wipe to get rid of the excess and neaten everything up a bit, including my bottom lash line.

This is post baby wipe, and as you can see, the excess is gone and I neatened up the bottom lash line so the eyeliner wasn't so heavy.

I had recently purchased this L'Oréal Paris Color Riche Les Ombres palette in "Smoky Eyes Velours Noir" and little did I know it would change the way I created a smoky eye forever! The palette came with this awesome, little brush, which can be used for blending, making blunt lines, and applying eyeshadow to all those hard to reach places. The combination of the color choices and this nifty brush make creating a fabulous smoky eye an absolute breeze.

I began my smoky eye by applying the lightest, white shade to the inner corners of my eye and sweeping upwards and around; I used the diagonally cut applicator to do this.

After this I used the lighter silver shade and swept this across the rest of my lid, making sure to blend in with the white shade. To finish I used the dark grey shade (the second darkest shade in the palette) at the outer corners of my eyes and blended this into the silver shade.

As you can see, the edges were a little rough, so I used a baby wipe to achieve a better finish.

Lastly, I applied my Lush "Eyes Right" mascara to complete this look, which in the end reminded me a little of a mockingjay's wing and coloring.

2. The Subtle Fiery Eyeliner

I wanted to create a look inspired by the flames that Katniss often wears and to symbolize the fiery violence of the war zone that Panem has become. However, I wanted it to be an easy to wear, feminine look for anyone not wanting to go for a super dramatic style.

I started off with a winged eye created with a Body Collection black liquid eyeliner. This would be the feminine element of the look.

Liquid Eyeliner, $3, Amazon

Next I used my diagonal applicator to apply a thin line of Barry M Dazzle Dust in a yellow shade, just above the eyeliner.

After this, I used a red shade from a Technic “Brights Eyeshadows” palette. I used the same brush to apply the red eyeshadow but I started at the outer corner of my eyelid and worked my way in from the flick, so as to keep the strong pigment. As I swept inwards, I blended the red eyeshadow with the Dazzle Dust to create an orange crossover shade in the middle. I applied some mascara at this point.

To finish, I penciled some of the aforementioned kohl eyeliner onto my bottom lash lines, but only to the outer corners, so as to frame my eyes. IMO, the finished product reminded me of Katniss' surprise flame costumes where she would spin and flames would erupt from her garments. When my eyes were open, the look was very subtle, but when my eyes were closed a little you could see the full Mockingjay inspired effect.

3. The Mockingjay Rebel

I wanted to create a look that was inspired by the people who supported Katniss and the Mockingjay movement. I tried to imagine how these rebels might style themselves and how they would use their creativity to make a political statement.

I started out by using the darkest shade in my previously mentioned L'Oréal eyeshadow palette. I chose this dark shade and swept it dramatically all over my eyelids and right up to my eyebrows, as I thought it could slightly mask the identity of the wearer, thus making it a perfect shade for a rebel.

Next I used my baby wipe trick to create hard edges to this look to symbolize the strength and solidarity of the rebels.

I had an inspirational brain wave from another article I wrote about sticking things on your face and I put my previous experience to good use. I wanted to incorporate feathers into this final Mockingjay look.

I painted eyelash glue to the outermost area of my eyelid, making sure not to get any in my eye. Obviously I took a bit of a beauty risk here as eyelash glue probably isn't meant to be used for this purpose or in a large quantity like this, but what can I say? I like to let the chips fall where they may sometimes. If you have sensitive skin or don't want to risk it, please don't try this look.

I really liked this look because I love a bit of drama. I cut the ends off some fake feathers (please god, let them be fake) and stuck the top parts onto the eyelash glue. I began at the top and worked my way down, finding that sometimes I would need to apply some eyelash glue to the previous feather in order to overlap the following feather on top of it.

The only thing I didn't like about this look was the fact that when I cut the feathers, you could see the white inner parts. I guess if I was going to be really nit-picky about it, I could use a black permanent marker to color the white areas in before applying to my face.

Here is my best rebel Mockingjay supporter face! We're gonna' make you pay, President Snow.

Images: Phoebe Waller; Giphy (2); MOVIECLIPSTrailers/YouTube