Yes, J. Law Knows Her Tattoo Is Wrong

As if we needed more reasons to think that Jennifer Lawrence is not in fact a celebrity, and is instead one of our best friends who has escaped from our squad and been turned loose upon Hollywood. At San Diego Comic-Con, Lawrence revealed a new tattoo, which, OK, is not something that applies to everyone all over America. I've managed to get through 25 years of life without getting one, after all. However, the actress' new tattoo is technically inaccurate. That's right: Lawrence has a tattoo fail, which is something that can, and has, happened to so many people that you can't help but be charmed. Then again, this is the star of the Hunger Games that we're talking about. When are we ever not charmed by her in general?

The story behind the almost skin-colored tattoo is adorable, and features Hunger Games co-star Liam Hemsworth. "You know, I call this tattoo a watered-down rebellion because it's not like a real tattoo..." she told E! Online. "It's just like, I was with Liam's family and everybody was getting tattoos and I was like, well, I'm always going to need to be hydrated, so I guess I should just get an H2O on my hand. It's the color of a scar so it's all natural and it's literally the most unrebellious tattoo that anybody could ever get."

The only way this tale could get more relatable is if Lawrence was either drunk, or had succumb to peer pressure, at the initial time of tattoo. Either way, she is now sporting an H2O insignia on her right hand — a scientifically inaccurate one. Technically, when writing the symbol for water, the two is supposed to be lower than the letters H and O, something of which Lawrence is already aware. "By the way, I know that the two is high and [in] H2O the two is supposed to be low," she said, almost as if she could hear the Internet getting ready to make snide remarks. "I should've Googled it before I got it tattooed on my body forever."

If I were Lawrence, however, I wouldn't be too concerned. There are plenty of people who have gotten things tattooed on their body without Googling them first. In fact, there have been enough worldwide to fuel multiple regrettable tattoo round ups, so it's not as though she's not in good company. I would even go so far as to say that the fact that her tattoo is wrong adds a bit of character, and a funny story to tell at parties. It's certainly better than tattooing her birthday wrong, or tattooing something in another language that she thinks means one thing when it really means something else.

So, Lawrence has pretty much earned her right to be completely unruffled by the fact that any scientist who catches a peek at her right hand is going to be foaming at the mouth with anger, or trying hard to stifle their laughter, at her slightly inaccurate tattoo. It could be a lot worse.