Kendall Jenner Goes Braless, Still Looks Extremely Chic — Steal Her Look

The queen of street style has found the key to solving all of your summer heat problems. While out and about in L.A for a frozen yogurt run and Barney's New York shopping trip (the perfect combo, obviously), Kendall Jenner went braless in a flowy, low-cut blouse and skinny jeans.

Any girl who steps outside in the summer knows the horror that is boob sweat. And even worse is how difficult it is to keep up a strapless bra with said boob sweat. As someone who's not blessed with a busty chest, I cringe even thinking about wearing a strapless shirt or dress in this heat, and I'm sure Jenner feels the same. Her sultry, low-cut top was so revealing on the front side (which, by the way, looked amazing) that she decided to ditch the bra all together.

I have to give her kudos. She's one step away from letting her girls go free, and against common belief, she makes it look chic, not tacky. And hey, even big-chested girls can go braless with the right tools.

Jenner's Chanel espadrilles and light wash skinnies completed the look flawlessly, of course, and her Celine bag was the perfect choice of accessory, as always. This outfit could've been carefully executed, but her artfully messy ponytail and untucked shirt make it seem effortlessly off-duty model (which, you know, she is).

Trying to go braless with mussed bedhead is no easy task. To avoid looking more chic than sloppy, here are some affordable pieces to achieve Jenner's look. A Celine bag may be unattainable for most of us, but alas, we have the beauty that is the knock off.

Low-cut top

Silent + Noise tunic, $59;

Long sleeve sheer blouse, $48;

Skinny jeans

BDG mid-rise skinny jean, $69;


Tory Burch black and white canvas espadrilles, $135;

Crossbody bags

Black bucket bag, $59;

White and black colorblock bag, $27.50;

Thank you, Urban Outfitter and Tobi for making my sans-bra dreams come true.

Images: Instagram/kardash.jenner; Courtesy Retailers (6)