5 Things To Eat If You Hate Making Breakfast And Literally Can't Even With Food Before Noon

Some things in life will never make sense to me — like how ancient structures were built without power tools, why I love sweets but despise frosting, and how some people can go without making breakfast in the morning. But even if you can't stomach the idea of consuming anything before noon, there are certain breakfast foods that are guaranteed to make your morning better — after all, this is the most important meal of the day.

Have you ever seen the movie Gremlins? You know they're not supposed to feed the Gremlins after midnight, or they literally turn into the devil's kittens? It's a fact — if I skip breakfast, the same exact thing happens to me.

Get me some coffee, bacon, and eggs, and I'll be back to looking like cute little Gizmo in no time. But not everyone feels as passionately about breakfast (and, OK, food in general) as I do.

I get it. Sometimes breakfast is a hassle — it's not like you can (or even want to) make Belgian waffles every day. Some days you just can't stomach a full breakfast and, other days, you're running late to work and don't want to deal with the pain of cooking.

If you're part of the she-man breakfast hater's club, I'm here for you. Here are five things to eat if you hate breakfast, or just don't have time to deal with making meals in the morning.

1. Coffee with a kick

You already love coffee, so why not add some nutritional value to it? When you're making your morning latte, add a scoop of protein powder into your hot brew for a boost of energy.

2. Smoothie pops

If your dilemma is that you hate making breakfast, let these smoothie popsicles from Offbeat and Inspired do all of the heavy lifting for you. Make a big blender of your favorite smoothie, and pour it into popsicle molds — voila! It's the perfect to-go summertime breakfast.

3. Overnight oats

Hear me out, because I'm sure oatmeal seems super gross first thing in the morning if you hate breakfast. The Kitchn's overnight oats with jam and coconut taste more like a dessert than a breakfast — but, surprise! They're still healthy. Make these in advance, and stash in your fridge overnight.

4. Green smoothie

This green smoothie from Averie Cooks tastes more like tropical fruity goodness than grass. I promise.

5. Protein balls

These protein balls from Nom Nom Paleo are portable, so even if you don't feel like eating them the second you wake up, you can stash a few in a zip-top bag for later. With fruit, protein, and nuts, a few of these little balls pack the punch of a big breakfast.

Images: Daniel Go/Flickr; The Kitchn (2); Off Beat and Inspired; Averie Cooks; Nom Nom Paleo