'BB 17's Austin's Wrestling Persona Is Terrifying

Though his Big HouseGuests know him is Austin Matelson, the wrestling world knows him as Judas Devlin, the fear-inducing professional wrestler. Though he's come off as a bit of a tattooed Teddy bear to his housemates, Austin's much scarier side comes out in the ring, as you can see in these 6 Austin Matelson as Judas Devlin wrestling videos.

Though Austin Matelson a.k.a. Austin Draven a.k.a. Judas Devlin (aren't alter egos exhausting?) is now retired from wrestling, he's still a very active presence in the wrestling community, thanks to his very outspoken anti-bullying stance against the WWE. In 2013, Matelson wrote a letter filing complaints against his former trainer, Bill DeMott, on grounds of bullying and injury-causing behavior.

Despite being ostracized by the wrestling community for his letter, which attracted a good bit of media attention, the WWE investigated his claims and his former coach, Bill DeMott, stepped down from his position. Since then, Austin has become a fierce advocate against bullying in professional wrestling, proving he is fearless both in and out of the ring.

Though he retired from wrestling and caused a stir in the wrestling world, a return of Judas Devlin isn't off the table for him. So keep your eyes peeled for Judas Devlin aka Austin Matelson after his stay on Big Brother because you just might be able to find him back in the ring. In the meantime though, check out these insane Austin Matelson wrestling videos and see what his alter ego Judas is all about.

Judas Devlin vs. Hobo & Sergio Vega

Seeing Judas up there in that ring makes him seem all the more threatening when you watch him on Big Brother because he is just so darn nice.

Judas Devlin vs. 'Brawlin' Bo Cooper

Professional wrestling requires equal amounts of strength, intimidation, and grace. Judas seems to have it all.

Judas vs. Andrea the Giant

In professional wrestling, female wrestlers are taken seriously, as you can see from this epic showdown between Andrea the Giant and Judas.

Fight Night at The Pit XXIII

Though I find professional wrestling to be a bit bizarre as a concept, even I can't deny that Judas has got some talent.

More On Judas' Claims Against Bill DeMott

Though this isn't a wrestling video, sometimes bravery occurs behind-the-scenes rather than in the limelight. This video details some more information about the accusation Austin brought against his former trainer. I applaud him for his bravery in standing up against those who wronged him.

The Secret to Austin's Agility

Austin's love for gymnastics and yoga enables him to be a fiercer athlete in the ring.

Image: Robert Voets/CBS