Julianne & Derek Hough Spill Their Confidence Tips

When you see superstar sibs Julianne and Derek Hough glide across a dance floor, it’s tough to imagine the mega-talented two ever having an off day. With endless accolades, from silver screen time and TV appearances to a handful of country music recordings, it would seem the Houghs have no shortage of activities to feel good about.

But you probably have more in common with these dancing stars than you realize (aside from your elegant execution of the “Electric Slide” and affinity for edgy hairdos), at least when it comes to those less-than-confident moments we've all had the pleasure of experiencing.

No, seriously! Even Julianne and Derek Hough have those days when self-confidence seems to be in short supply. But, because they're constantly in the spotlight, they don't really have time to dwell on those low moments. At a recent event celebrating Julianne's partnership with Proactiv+, Derek tells me that for him, those occasional feelings of inadequacy become will less frequent the more you’re in touch with yourself. “To feel confident I think is just knowing yourself,” he explains. Having a pump-up ritual is Derek’s go-to when it comes to facing a particularly stressful moment — like taking the stage in front of thousands of eager audience members.

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Julianne says even if you’re not performing on stage, it’s so easy to become reliant on others to build ourselves up. “Sometimes we’re looking for somebody else to make us feel confident, to make us feel good.” Teach yourself to be that person, she says.

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“For the longest time I’d look in the mirror in the bathroom before my audition and say, ‘You’re awesome! You so deserve this. It’s crazy that you would not get this, you’re amazing!’ I would talk to myself and make myself feel confident, and then I’d go and do it.’”

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And when confidence issues are more skin-related, Julianne doesn’t stress. She just grabs a Proactiv+ Skin Purifying Mask, her favorite product from the skincare line she’s used since she was 19 and now represents. “I love the refining mask because it’s perfect for the little guys that kind of pop up every once in a while,” she said.Could feeling more confident really be as simple as slapping on a face mask? It probably won't solve all your woes, but healthy skin is a great place to start. Sounds like the Houghs are making all the right moves!

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